Wisniowka Cherry Vodka / Polmos

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Wisniowka Cherry Vodka / Polmos
70cl / 40%
Wisniowka by Polmos Jezefow is an outstanding medium-sweet traditional Polish cherry vodka infused with the juice and other extracts of cherries. No decent bar should be without it.
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Customer Reviews:(10 reviews)
The best Wisniowka I have found by far is Nuyen's Wisniowka. It is 100 proof and has small bite to it but is great in cold New England winters. A small brandy snifter and an ounce and a half and sip on this for an hour or two. It also is great when you are chopping wood in the backyard (when it's o to 10 below) for a quick shot to help keep you warm.
- anonymous, 26th January
My father introduced me 40 years ago to this nectar from our east european friends. Good price. Wonderful on the tonsils.
- James Mochnacz, 10th Dec '12
really nice and sweet definatly buying again
- connor, 14th Jul '12
Best drink ever imported to Ireland
- anonymous, 25th Nov '11
a great drink to be brought up on
- anonymous, 8th Oct '11
Love this stuff so much. Can't get enough. Definitely loving the Poles here in Aus.
- Katey, 12th Aug '11
once tried theres no turning back !!!!!must have one in the cupboard at all times.
- pork chop, 12th Dec '10
- anonymous, 12th Oct '10
A must have!!!
- Chandra, 2nd Jul '09
A great drink found in Ukrainian clubs and of course, Polish clubs around the Uk. Very sweet flavour that gives the impression its a liqueur rather than a vodka.
- A Kowalczuk, 19th Dec '07
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