Wyborowa Blue Vodka

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Wyborowa Blue Vodka
70cl / 40%
The famous Polish bestseller: Wyborowa is a double distilled rye vodka with the emphasis on quality - even its name means 'premium'. Full-bodied yet still extremely smooth, Wyborowa is a cut above standard vodka brands.
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Billy A

Nose: Spicy with lemon oil, black pepper and a gently tarry edge.

Palate: Creamy up front, with buttered bread, soft spice and some minerality.

Finish: Some warmth, spice and sweetness, with cinnamon and liquorice.

Customer Reviews:(14 reviews)
Kocham Cie
- Plop, 7th Aug '13
This is a great vodka, the Polish really know their stuff when it comes to vodka and this is a classic for all the right reasons. Smooth, pure, no unpleasant burn and all at less than £20. Has to be up there with one of my favourite vodkas. You won't be disappointed.
- Rachel, 7th Apr '13
absolutely the smoothest vodka to drink straight up or on the rocks which is my favorite way to drink it. mixes with ease and can't be beaten on price. in a taste of this and grey goose ((blind folded) 15 of us and all but one picked wyborowa
- stacey, 19th Sep '12
Did an Absolut course with those crazy swedes in New Zealand and they taught us everything about vodka and we did blind tasting of lots of different brands. When your being taught about them you can taste the little differences. This one was my fave over Absolut, Russian Standard, Smirnoff and Skyy. After that course I will never say all vodkas are the same. Its like saying an Ardbeg Supernova is like a Glenfiddich 18.
- Jimbo, 8th Oct '11
This is a great smooth Polish vodka. Really nice and far better than most in this price range.
- Juergen, 26th Jul '11
the best vodka around. it is all I drink.
- anonymous, 13th Jun '11
I am inclined to agree with `Bill's' review. Although I did think he was talking about Americans in general when he got to the `tasteless' part. I must scour the Whisky reviews and see if he's posted there........so amusing when Americans review Single Malts, given the liquors that the US manufacture.
- anonymous, 21st Dec '10
All Baloney..$10.00 Vodka is basically the same as $40.00 Vodka. Including the possibility of getting a hangover. Vodka may have slight differences in taste due to the water used, filtering techniques and other post-distillation procedures but generally speaking, you are wasting your money buying expensive Vodka. In fact our (US) government insists that all vodkas must br colorless, odorless and tasteless otherwise they must be called "flavored" Vodka.
- Bill, 17th May '10
havnt tried it yet. lookin forward to it.
- anonymous, 15th Feb '10
Yep, all comments so far ring true. Lived in Poland for a couple of years and tried a fair few and this was my favourite in terms of flavour and the absence of unpleasant after effects...a very good drink
- CC, 13th Nov '09
Hey Mark, I don't think all vodkas taste exactly the same, some definately have a stronger flavour than others (in addition to some being rougher) but I do know what you mean. This is a good one yes!
- alex, 10th Nov '09
I will ONLY drink Polish Wodka because it is the best and this, Wyborowa, IS the best of the best. Now if I could only get it in Southern California...???
- JK, 13th Jul '09
love this one! never had hangover after doing this stuff... well... i dont get hangover anyway...
- anonymous, 20th Feb '08
Don't you have sometimes this funny feeling that all vodkas taste the same?I do. So what is all this talking about, lemon, orange or wheat straw buried in 40% rectified alcohol about?The difference between good and bad vodka is that good one leaves you without hangover next day while bad... you know...Wyborowa is not good, it is GREAT! Pure, fresh and ready to be mixed with whatever you want.Go and get it!
- Mark Lemberg, 26th Jan '08
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