Zubrowka Bisongrass Vodka / Polmos

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Zubrowka Bisongrass Vodka / Polmos
70cl / 40%
Zubrowka is one of the best Polish vodkas available, flavoured with a special kind of aromatic bisongrass that is so prized that it costs £400 per kilo. Long-renowned for its luxurious flavours and stellar quality, Zubrowka is simply outstanding with apple juice, especially the posh cloudy stuff.
IWSC 2012 - Gold Medal - Vodka
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Customer rating (15 reviews)
More Details:
CountryPolandTypeRyeFlavourBison Grass
Customer Reviews:(15 reviews)
Unique and elegant
- AW, 23rd June
Simply delicious with apple. Truly gorgeous taste.
- anonymous, 22nd June
This IS a good vodka! Bought a bottle once in Gdansk - didn't know a thing about vodkas and the locals were buying it said (via hand getsures!) that this was the one to go for! And I agree. Most vodkas taste medicinal - my usual pref is Smirnoff Blue . . . where have all the > 40% vodkas gone!!
- SteveC, 18th Nov '12
Absolutely incredible neat, and a luxurious long drink with tonic. My No. 1 favourite vodka.
- Grant Melville, Falkirk, 19th Mar '12
amazing with lychee! lychee martinis are not the same without bison vodka
- anonymous, 20th Apr '11
Quality, just on it's own don't spoil with a mixer!!!enough said!!!!
- Richard blatchford (clitheroe lancs uk), 27th Feb '11
This is a fantastic Vodka, not to everyone's taste but you can't knock the quality of the Vodka. It does have a distinctive taste thanks to the ingredients but is simply divine with Apple Juice.
- Kelly, 4th Jan '11
Not right in all cocktails, but don't write it off. Just need to think differently. Wonderful in a Frisky Bison cocktail(see Diffords Guide).
- Dan T, 3rd Jan '11
I recently brought this Vodka for Christmas as i had various family over. Now im not normally a vodka drinker at all but this vodka was amazing with tonic,ice and lime in a tall glass. I did not even touch the single malt or the VSOP brandy i had brought and the vodka drinkers were asking me where i had got this gem from.
- A bison converted me gently, 27th Dec '10
Yes! Apple, Ginger and basically any flavours which compliment cinnamon will compliment Zubrowka...I love it with cloudy apple juice, it tastes like apple pie...mmmmmmm!
- dana, 22nd Oct '10
A polish classic, to drink straight or with apple juice.
- anonymous, 17th Oct '10
This stuff has an extremely strange taste. It does NOT work with cocktails - only some longdrinks, e.g. apple juice or ginger ale.
- anonymous, 19th May '10
Great vodka to drink straight or with apple juice!!!
- Luki, 12th Jan '10
It's not that good. The herbal taste is here only to hide a poor quality vodka. People think it's the best vodka you can find in a supermarket because of the bisongrass and all but it's not. It's not good in cocktails, it's not good neat. Buy Finlandia, Russian Standard or even Absolute instead.
- Cubitus, 22nd Sep '09
Thank God this is finally available... Fellin love with this Vodka while stationed in Japan. Strange that it is mass marketed and a very cheap liquor there, and marketed at a premium in the US. Still an excellent spirit. Freeze and sip, or mix 10 parts Zubrowka to 1 part Roses sweetend lime and pour over ice
- Nagorski, 9th Jun '09
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