Columba Cream Liqueur

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Columba Cream Liqueur
70cl / 17%
From the Isle of Mull comes this delicious liqueur, prepared to an ancient family recipe, incorporating fresh cream, honey and fine malt whisky.
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Customer rating (13 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(13 reviews)
Had it when I was over last January; hands down the best cream liqueur. Ever. Smooth, sweet but not cloying, absolute heaven splashed in a cup of hot black tea.
- Pamela, 3rd September
Bought this in Edinburgh really loved it.Great town by the way. The taste is so smooth not over powering of whiskey. Wish I had more gonna try to order it.
- d.vincent Sep 2013, 25th January
fantastic- nothing tastes as good as COLUMBA
- anonymous, 11th Oct '13
Delish stuff. Strong notes of good scotch single malt, superbly accompanied by cream and honey. If you're a single malt person, this is the liqueur for you.
- anonymous, 23rd Sep '12
I ordered 2 bottles for my mother's birthday celebration. My brother's wife was blown away and I was generous enough to let her take one bottle away. This must be really cool stuff because normally she doesn't drink alcohol at all!
- Aleksej (Latvia), 27th Feb '10
I have to follow up on my other notes in relation to this , That is to say that any comparsion between this and the baileys it would need to say Baileys is cream with a hint of Whiskey and this cream is Whiskey with a hint cream , of course note a Single Malt to boot.But as with all it depends on what one is looking for at the time , but not to try this as a Whiskey Fan would be wrong to do .
- Lord Harmsen, 19th Nov '09
Do I or do I not that was my thoughts on this well balanced well rounded well noted , all be one of the best I have tried and dare I say it really enjoyed .After forty years as a Whiskey drinker (neat of course no ice) I enjoyed in fact started with a small dram , ending in a good sleep! state. Well it is time now to say WoW! but please remember this product should not be tried by to many , leave them for me !! enjoy.
- Lord Harmsen, 19th Nov '09
Just tried it, I really liked it actually very strong taste of smokey whiskey coming through. However my wife couldn't stand it, she's a baileys fan through and through and doesn't like the taste of whiskey unfortunately. In my opinion it's not quite as good as baileys, but a very different pleasant alternative.
- anonymous, 12th Nov '09
tasted it once and want more:) wish I could buy this whiskey back home in Norway
- hopeful norwegian, 27th Oct '09
We discovered this liqueur at the Southport Flower Show years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it every since expecially in coffee or hot chocolate,
- The Caddicks, 18th Oct '09
This is great, you will never want to go back to Baileys after drinking this. I am trying to find Columbia Cream in Australia - but not having any luck :(
- Kim, 9th Mar '09
Sensational! It is not sweet and sticky like other cream liqueurs, in fact you taste the cream, the honey and the whiskys - and for me it's rather refreshing! 10 points!
- anonymous, 22nd Jan '09
Tried this on holiday on the boat Queen OF LOCH LOMAND. I am not a whisky drinker but I did like this.
- anonymous, 2nd Sep '08
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