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Drambuie Whisky Liqueur
70cl / 40%
A combination of aged scotch whiskies, heather honey and a recipe of secret ingredients, Drambuie is one of the best known whisky liqueurs worldwide.
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Customer rating (62 reviews)
Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Lew Bryson for Whisky Advocate
Intriguing herbal/medicinal nose, with notes of pepper, grass, dried hay, fried flowers, orange peel, and licorice. Sweet but lively and light on the palate, as the orange explodes and the whisky boldy appears, wrapped in honey and herbs. The finish is herbal and sweet as the whisky strolls off into the distance. Overall, quite complex and rewarding. 90 Points
Customer Reviews:(62 reviews)
A few months ago one of my husband's uncles passed away and there was a toast to his memory made with Drambuie at the wake. All the adults were passed a shot glass for the toast. Did you know Drambuie tastes good with Praline Pecan ice cream? I'm really not one for drinking alcohol but it was very good. The widow at the wake warned people to sip it slowly...
- Lara B, , 13 days ago
Loved this for years, on ice in summer and raw in winter. Prefer the old cork but since bringing in the new bottle- the taste has changed with a greater emphasis on liquorice, perhaps too much.
- anonymous, 30th April
As a wee lad we lived opposite the Drambuie office and bond at Easter Road, Leith, and 3 of my family worked for Drambuie. It was sad when the MacKinnon family had to sell their estate in Barnton Avenue, Edinburgh because of the drop in sales of Drambuie. I love Drambuie, sometimes a wee bit too much, but still feel the re-intro of the round bottle took away the the outward appearance. Of-course it never affected the taste of the spirit
- Peter Sellar, 10th February
I knew someday when I hit my 40's I would not drink beer as much. I thought, what will be my drink? I remembered a college roommate having a bottle. I recently started drinking it again. I have found my drink to take the edge off the day or relax during the weekend. It is like Christmas Eve in a bottle. Love this stuff.
- anonymous, 19th Dec '13
I read an article on Cordials by Maurice Zolotow in the Feb 1963 TRUE magazine. It made prominent mention of Drambuie. Tasted my first one later that year. Been hooked ever since. I agree that the new bottle is a bit cheesy, but the bottle is just a temporary repository. The only real meaning is the taste. Nothing better.
- Bob McCauley - Gardiner, Washington, 13th Nov '13
We have been drinking D for years. Having been in the bar business since 1975, and we have gone through the changes of the red cork bottle and the red screw top and now the new bottle. We did have a few bad experiences with the cork bottle where the D had a kerosine odor and taste, but have not had that problem with the screw tops. But, what is with the thermos glass top selling in the stores now? Did anyone try to open this prior to production? What a joke!
- Bwana, 28th Oct '13
Was introduced to Drambuie by my father when I was 8 years old as we played cribbage. Been drinking this fine liqueur ever since. I will be 60 this month. Rusty nails are my drink of choice. Really miss the old red cap bottles. Bring them back please. The new bottles look cheap. I too search for the old red caps and when empty refill them.
- Asphalt Pagan, 9th Sep '13
Would love to see the old bottle back with a cork. Grew up on Drambuie and love it
- Dion Yeoman, 5th Jul '13
like the drink, the original bottle stood out from the crowd. - something special. the new bottle gets lost on the shelves, have to search to find them.... i wish i had kept the old red top bottle, only 6 new shape left in my collection. nolonger drink the slammers, its gone too fast.
- Ian GT, 3rd Jun '13
My husband and I have it in fresh coffe after dinner , so delicious just nectre .
- anonymous, 27th Apr '13
Since 1996 - when I was offered a Drambuie on a flight from Switzerland to Canada - I drink and appreciate this marvellous brand regularly. It also is my best medicine for various diseases (my dad - medical doctor in heaven - will understand me...) My wife and my kids know they never go wrong bringing me a bottle from duty-free shop when returning from a journey.
- Nick, 2nd Apr '13
I ever recommend: Dont drink Drambui cold, with ice or however cooled down ! I really tried and figured out, the taste is best, just with room temperature. ok if you live in alaska that amounts often to a fridge - try you self and judge.
- Chrisgermany, 4th Sep '12
New bottle looks cheap. Luckily, I saved one of the '70s type. Understandably, it's empty. So, I use the new bottle as a refill-charge for the old one. It is a messy business. Bring back the old bottle, please...
- Pemzos (one grumpy old customer from Eastern Europe), 26th Jul '12
Excellent drink, new bottle is smart and reflects the modern age. You have to move with the times and this is what you have done. Keep up the good work.
- Benjy, 30th May '12
At the age of 74 I have been drinking the "Golden Nectar" for more years than I care to remember, then when they changed the bottle I phoned, and then I wrote to our friends in Scotland, to say "it just did not look (we drink with our eyes) or taste the same so I therefore agree with all the previous comments "Bring Back The Old Bottle"
- Ray, Isle of Man, 8th May '12
Please bring back the old bottle. It's just not the same without it.
- anonymous, 24th Apr '12
Our two great friends moved to CA and left us (in TX) with a bottle of Drambuie. Tried it tonight - first on the rocks then followed up with a "Rusty Nail" - equal parts of Drambuie and Scotch over ice with a twist. I've never been a scotch fancier until now. The RN was mighty tasty! As writing this, I'm savoring the ice - coated with the remnants of the beverage! Cheers! p.s. I have a stubby bottle with a screw on top - collectors item??
- J. W., 22nd Apr '12
bring back the old bottle we all know and love been drinking Drambuie for 45 years and my dad befor me its lovely stuff
- w.m. D olan west lothian the home of drambuie , 23rd Mar '12
Bring the old bottle back!!!The one that drambuie deserves..
- anonymous, 2nd Mar '12
truly the best drink on the planet. Have and old bottle and will keep it till I pass. The new bottle doesn't have the same character of the old. Long live tradition.
- Steve, 16th Feb '12
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