Glayva Liqueur

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Glayva Liqueur
50cl / 35%
Hugely popular Scottish liqueur made with whisky, honey, spices, almonds and tangerines. The name is the phonetic pronunciation of the Gaelic "Gle mhath" meaning 'very good'. Rather brilliantly, Glayva is now trademarked as the “best liqueur in the world” after winning the IWSC trophy a record breaking five times.
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Customer Reviews:(18 reviews)
I'm just revisiting Glayva after many years. It's even better than I remember!
- rj, 19th March
We meet in Scotland. It was a summer's evening. It was love at first sip. I even got my husband to drink it and he is not a big drinker. This is one we enjoy over crushed ice in very small aperitif glasses.
- Lore, 14th Jan '12
Tried it the 1st time @ Stirling Castle in 2009 & really loved it. My aunt just came for a visit & brought a bottle. Love it!
- Annisa from New York, 28th Oct '11
Hey guys and girls, no this is the wrong place to ask but is this drink ok for someone with a nut allergy? I would be gratful for some help around this subject. Regards
- Jonny, 9th Oct '11
first time i have had it last night propa got the taste for it now
- aj cumbria, 7th Oct '11
got hooked while in Scotland, now do whatever I need to do to keep a supply in stock!!!
- anonymous, 26th Mar '11
Very upset since "the nectar of the Gods" has been removed from the shelves. Hope it comes back soon. Will from Aberdeen
- anonymous, 2nd Mar '11
A great whiskey, a hint of the highlands, It has become my favorite. Should be enjoyed in Edinburgh crystal glasses. However, one must leave the states to find it. Good excuse for a trip to Canada from Buffalo, NY.
- anonymous, 27th Feb '11
One of my favourate drinks. I usually mix it with cranberry juice.
- Lea, 3rd Feb '11
I would like to know what i could mix with it, it`s a little to strong.
- anonymous, 18th Dec '10
I wish that I could find some.It has been out of circulation in the state of Michigan,where I now live,for the last 5 years.I have to wait till someone I know is somewhere in the U.S.or coming back from Scotland to bring me some.I miss it so much!
- Alister,formely of Scotland now U.S., 19th Oct '10
My drink of choice ,I first tasted it 20 years ago as an after dinner liquer and now drink it as my main whisky? of choice. It may be marketed as a liquer but over 3 cubes of ice it is a great whisky drink at all times.
- George Leicestershire, 7th Dec '09
I have just drunk a miniature Glayva miniature liqueur that i have had for over 20 years, it was suberb.
- Alan in Ipswich, 26th Jul '09
I received the two mini bottles as a Christmas gift and now we can not find it in local stores. The name speaks for itself. VSW, Glendale, CO
- anonymous, 21st Jan '09
It is excellent!! I received it as a Christmas Gift from my friend who knows I enjoy Glenlivet. This was a plesant surprise
- anonymous, 24th Dec '08
Apologies, Ian - your Gaelic is better than ours :)
- TWE Admin, 2nd Dec '08
The description would help if it were accurately spelt! Glayva is actually based on the gaelic for very good "Gle mhath" not glembath :)
- Ian R from Glasgow, 1st Dec '08
- VAL, 22nd Mar '08
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