Irish Mist Liqueur

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Irish Mist Liqueur
70cl / 35%
Blended with Irish whiskey flavoured with honey and aromatic spices, Irish Mist is a liqueur with a devoted following.
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Customer rating (34 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(34 reviews)
I bought this about 15-20 years ago whilst in Ireland, for my late father. Had about a third of the bottle left, hidden away in the back of my parents' drinks cabinet. Recently, had my newly-we'd cousin over and her husband asked if we had any liqueur. The past 4 days have been a treat, taking this wonderfully, smooth liqueur after our a meal. Please bring back the glass blown bottle. Just as you need the savour the mellowness of this liqueur in a crystal glass, so should it be poured from a beautifully packed bottle.
- Poonam, 6 days ago
This is the best whisky liqueur ever. It's lovely and mellow and great on a cold day. I bought this bottlle for a neighbour who was looking for something different she tasted the mist and now she's a convert. She has no internet access so I got it for her.
- Ethel Wilkin, 23rd June
My dad introduced me to this after he was given a bottle many years ago. Never found a drink to match it. It's bottled nectar.It's the only liqueur that my wife likes, which in some ways is a shame!
- KDD, 22nd Dec '13
The Best whiskey liqueur EVER served with ice is Fantastic, discovered 22 years ago in a wee bar in Donegal. It is just a shame that the bottle has changed, such a fabulous drink deserves a unique bottle.
- Christina Dolan, 13th Dec '13
I mixed a shot of Jameson and a shot of Irish mist, and what can I say but WOW!
- anonymous, 19th Mar '13
Just ordered my first bottle.... Friend of mine let me taste some and wow very nice can't wait to get it. Bradley
- anonymous, 17th Jan '13
try with equal measure of baileys irish cream over ice,pure nectar.
- chris otoole, 6th Nov '12
I first fell in love with Irish Mist about 15 year ago; it’s a true drink from the gods. I have all ways kept a bottle in the freezer it doesn’t freeze and it tastes fantastic I am now devastated to learn that the importer into Australia will no longer be importing it. Thanks to my beautiful wife I have been able to buy one of the Last cartons of Irish Mist left in Aus. To my fellow cynosures enjoy what I will soon miss
- Peter Mount Isa Australia, 10th Oct '12
I agree with Tony (4th Feb above) why go to a bottle that everyone uses - the old bottle was distinctive and unusual(a la Mateus Rose')
- Wiggy, 21st Jun '12
Delicious light Irish Whisky (Tullamore Dew?) and honey. Melt-in-the-mouth, yum yum for your your tum taste. Mmmmm! *smack*
- anonymous, 29th Apr '12
The best Whiskey Liqueur ever made. It is a pity that the fantastic bottle that used to be used has descended into this boring plain one. It seems that I will have to keep mine as a Decanter as the old ones no longer seem for sale.
- Tony, 4th Feb '12
irish mist lovely on its own or with dry ginger, or a squeeze of lime. Lisa - try glayva, it has a nice tangerine taste.
- anonymous, 9th Jan '12
First tasted this at an Irish pub in Salzburg,, Fantastic on the rocks and i dont drink whiskey!!
- anonymous, 12th Dec '11
The best whiskey liqueur I have ever tasted its sweet, moreish and beautiful with ice. chris
- anonymous, 6th Oct '11
Jo: Not that pointless when we have it up for sale on this very page...
- TWE Admin, 20th Sep '11
pointless if it can't be bought in shops anymore. pointless when the website fir irish mist gives you a number in scotland who say they have never heard of it.
- jo, 20th Sep '11
I drank Irish Mist some years ago! Just returned from a business trip with a colleague in Ireland and reintroduced Irish Mist to myself and introduced to him. We polished off two bottles in 3 nights!! Expensive from a Hotel Bar - but the taste far outweighs the pocket!!
- anonymous, 15th Sep '11
Dad gave us a swig when we were kids, never forgot it. Decided to give it a go now I'm grown up and what a wonderful drink to behold.Just ordered a second bottle from this great site.
- Steven, 27th Jul '11
- anonymous, 30th Jun '11
Lisa: I don't think it's Irish Mist you're after - rich and spicy, but not particularly orangey.
- TWE Admin, 21st Jun '11
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