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Lochan Ora Whisky Liqueur
70cl / 35%
Lochan Ora is a famous whisky liqueur made with the even more famous Chivas Regal scotch whisky and flavoured with honey and a secret recipe of herbs and spices.
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Customer rating (37 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(37 reviews)
Best liquer by far.
- Danie, 9 days ago
This is a lovely smooth drink, my favourite by far.
- Michael Roberts (although my wife Carol buys it for me), 23rd June
Best Chivas Regal by far. Truly a drink for the discerning taste buds.
- yacklott, 23rd June
I drank this liqueur for a good many years and always enjoyed it. For some reason there was a decision to stop importing it to the US and I went into mourning. I never gave up the search and found one source "The Whisky Exchange" and promptly paid the ante to be able to enjoy this fine drink again. I will have to get another to bottle to bolster my supply in case there is some sort of supply challenge.
- jaxontheweb, 21st January
just been given a bottle for my birthday,finest drink ever tasted,absolutely beautiful.
- James higgins, 24th Oct '13
I found the extacy of sipping Lonchan Ora in 1981 and was able to find it for @ years. This is the best I have ever had. I love the warm smooth (not rough like JD & JB) velvet feeling as if flows down your throat and warms my chest. Since I live in Washington State U.S.A. I doubt I will ever have that feeling again. Shame on Chivas for ceasing production.
- anonymous, 16th Jul '13
Just purchased 2 bottles, excellent!!!!better than glayva my other favourite
- Cjm Dumbarton., 10th Feb '13
Love Lochan Ora ,Bought Two bottles,one left, still SLOWLY enjoying (very Slowly Can still find on internet with some searching.Highly Recommend stocking up as I was informed at last purchase ceasing Production!!So to paraphrase Momma Janis "Get It While You Can"!!!
- Larry Tobias, 18th Dec '12
It is the best!!! I still keep part of a bottle I bought in the US Virgin Islands in the mid '90s. I just try a drop from time to time because I would hate to finish it.!!
- Carlos, PRico , 16th Nov '12
Just sampled this delight on the Strathisla Distillery tour! It is still available, although a little bit hard to find, but with the right tools (ie internet) you can find many suppliers!
- M Cook, 4th Jul '12
I agree with all of the above it is necter i have just purchased a bottle to take to relations in America at there request after a friend told him about it
- Andy A., 14th Jun '12
I just opened a bottle that I've been saving for a special occasion. (special occasion is I wanted to!) MAN THIS STUFF IS GOOD! Unfortunately, the bottle won't last the night :(
- Wild Bill in Texas, 26th May '12
excellent now with internet it would be much more appreciated by a greater clientel.
- lieuu1, 3rd Mar '12
Good stuff, still have 2 bottles unopened!
- Bob, 1st Feb '12
Truly the nectar of the gods. Pure nirvana in a bottle for sure. Haven't been able to procure any since the early 80's. The fondest of memories and the sweet sadness in my heart - all I can do is dream of another sip...
- Wally, 12th Jan '12
It's too bad this was never imported to the states! Drambuie is OK but this is much better, hopefully the Drambuie 15 will be as good.
- Mark Radell, 10th Jan '12
best liqueur out .been all round Scotland trying to buy another bottle seems to be harder to find than The loch Ness Monster?? its made here for petes sake !! whits goin oan ? CC REA clydebank
- cc rea clydebank, 2nd Dec '11
Tasted this world-class licquer and couldn't get enough of it with Chivas Regal in a rusty nail. I christened the new and far superior drink a 'Fuzzy Blade' because after two ... you are one! Two-to-one, Chevas Regal-to-Lochan Ora. A great world-class drink even if I do say so myself!How can Chivas even consider tanking this great licquer!
- Curtis Castor, 20th Apr '11
It's a shame that the best Liqueur on the market has been pulled due to lack of sales volumen came to an end. They should not in any way compare it to Drambui not even close. Looking foward to a new run. You just have to know how to market the best of the Best. Can be sold as a reserv.
- L. Ruiz from Puerto Rico and loning it!, 9th Mar '11
was introduced to this Nectar of the Gods in '74, while living in SF, CA - last time I purchased, March '03, while living in the Midwest, had to order directly from a Scottish distributor, as was not to be found locally - can't believe they would cease production of such a world class product
- anonymous, 28th Jan '11
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