Stag's Breath Liqueur

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Stag's Breath Liqueur
70cl / 19.8%
Made with the finest Speyside whiskies blended with fermented comb honey and packaged in a square-edged bottle with a label inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
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Customer rating (24 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(24 reviews)
Seriously amazing stuff. Bought it in St. Andrews Scotland, just for the name alone. Loved it, & bought a big bottle to bring home to Canada!
- Andrea Mc, 30th June
Tasted at Edinburgh Caste and loved it. Makes for great sipping when relaxing with a fine cigar.
- John Hickman , 22nd June
bought some for my BF for christmas, he loves it [I'm not a whisky person] apparently it takes the edge off the strength of whisky
- anonymous, 9th January
We tried this at Edinburgh Castle in the gift shop. It was fantastic. Very smooth. My regret is we only bought one bottle. May 2013 wish this was sold in the USA.
- Craig P, 15th Dec '13
Hello my experience of the nectar was when i visited scotland for the new year , i loved it so much and have brought as presents for freinds its a great treat
- anonymous, 24th Dec '12
If you dont like whiskey, just try this, it is a warm, honey whiskey flavour, we tried it in scotland and loved it. Just trawling the net to buy some more, MERRY CHRISTMAS dec 2012
- anonymous, 16th Dec '12
Love it!
- Kev Ryman, 9th Dec '12
Absolute dream, only wish I had of bought more,going to try it in an xmas cake
- Pam, 18th Nov '12
We tried it when we were in Scotland last month and only brought back a small bottle, I am keen to get replenishments.
- Kim Cowper, 29th Oct '12
Four little words: Nectar of the Gods.
- Averil, 19th May '12
Great drink and enjoyed on my visit to Scotland and brought one back for sharing. Smooth and when served chilled, even better. Wish i could find it in the States.
- Bill (USA), 5th Apr '12
I had to laugh to myself when I saw this. I remember years ago, a bottle of this was given to my folks as a gift. It sat in a cupboard where me as an underage drinker would take the occasional swig. Must have been good if my uneducated pallette back then liked it. Purely for nostalgia, I must pick up a bottle
- anonymous, 21st Dec '11
Great, works wonders for a sore throat but soooo morish, now I choose it over all others. Anyone who hasn't tried it doesnt know what they are missing! Brilliant as an Xmas Gift as its very unusual and not many people have tried it - once tried never forgotton, and I have not found anyone that doesnt find it pleasant..even people who dont like whisky (like my daughter) actually have quite a taste for it, shame as I really dont want to share it :)
- Bridget & Dave, 1st Oct '11
Phaw! far too drinkable! excellent!
- Dave Miller, 2nd Jun '11
Superb liqueur, smooth, lingeringly sweet, but with a bit of a kick as well. I'd definitely agree that it's a good nightcap!
- Grant Melville, Falkirk, 1st Apr '11
Very sweet, very smooth. First tried this in St Andrews.As previously mentioned, makes a cracking nightcap!Those who prefer to mix honey and lemon with their whiskey would also appeciate it.
- Will, 24th Feb '11
So wonderful it gives me the shivers
- anonymous, 22nd Nov '10
awesome drink. Very very smooth!!!!!
- tones, 20th Sep '10
Tasted this in Edinburgh Castle, it was amazing. The sweet taste stays on you tongue
- Jimbo Jones, 15th Jun '10
Perfect Drink, simply perfect
- anonymous, 17th Nov '09
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