Yukon Jack Whisky Liqueur

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Yukon Jack Whisky Liqueur
75cl / 50%
The self-styled 'Black Sheep of Canadian Liquors' is a highly potent liqueur, based on Canadian whisky blended with honey. One to warm the cockles on a cold winter's night.
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Customer rating (31 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(31 reviews)
A favorite since 1978, it is just plain ole wonderful...smooth, sweet, and mellow. Best with just crushed ice, perhaps a twist of lime...except it goes down too fast!
- Prissy Howard, 6th July
First introduced to it in the '70s. When all my buds were drinking Johnny Walker and Tennessee whiskies, a small handful of us preferred Yukon. Today, Yukon is hard to find in NYC but when I do find it, it is worth the effort. Great and potent sippin' whisky!
- Ray N., 20th March
have drank the black sheep since the late 60's, yea I'm that old!It taste as good today as it did the first time -I take it neat or in the wild straight out of the bottle-great stuff!
AHHHH! Yukon Jack! Been drinking it on occasion since it came out, with my dad. It's no longer available in British Columbia, but I have been able to bring home a case every time I visit Alberta, up until now. It's getting harder and harder to find now and after visiting 4 or 5 liquor stores before I head home, I can only find one or two bottles. How sad!
- Greg, 12th January
yukon jack is not a very complex whisky. It definately is a smooth drink. Most whisky i have to doctor up quite a bit but with yukon jack i usually just mix it in with a little bit of soda to take the bite off. Doesnt even really have that heavy of a burn like the cheaper whiskys do. its a great whisky. I've had the more expensive irish whiskys and higher end "southern" whiskys and I'll take this over them any day. its smooth , and it does'nt cost you and arm and a leg.
- daft, 2nd Jan '13
I've been drinking Yukon Jack since I was 22 back in 1998. I thought it was delicious, I was young then and chased it with a Coke. It is still the best drink out there. It's a honey flavored whisky, that's why it taste good with milk to some people. The honey is the best cure for hang overs, and since honey is used in Yukon Jack then it's a win-win!
- Robert, 25th Nov '12, 26th Nov '12
Available here in Montana for a long time (I'm no spring chicken); my forever favorite. Just ice, no other trash to spoil it!
- anonymous, 13th Nov '12
My husband tried it in Northern Ireland on his 21st (now 20 years ago) and he couldnt find it in the UK at all (we can only assume it was a promotion thing over there at the time). I tried in vain to find it in the UK before hitting the jackpot on here. His reaction when I managed to get him a bottle for his birthday was "at last some rocket fuel". Although we are now divorced, I still get him a bottle for either Christmas or birthday.
- anonymous, 7th Apr '12
ive been trying to get yukon jack for 2 years after drinking a few classes in a friends house, it was given to them as a present. if only i had of looked here... fantastic, delivered in no time and drank in no time. lovely drink.
- Slice Taylor, 19th Dec '11
I can only enjoy a drink with milk b/c I had throat cancer treatment and the only thing I really enjoy the taste of is YUKON JACK and milk!!!!!!. My friend enjoys it warm before bed. Before my that we enjoyed (loved) it in coffee and orange juice!!! It should be appreciated more widely. We have enjoyed it for over 25 years!!!
- Leslie in London, ONT SEPT 2011, 24th Sep '11
I'm a snakebite fan from wayback. When a client or buddy catches a fish in my boat we pass the Yukon always premixed with lime juice., Soon every body wants to catch another fish so we can retoast to the good luck of the catcher. I want to get sponcered by Yukon Jack and put it on the side of my boat. I've turned alot of people on to the goodness of the Snakebite on a cold mornin.
- Paul W. Tillamook Or. 6/4/11, 5th Jun '11
LOVE it in coffee, nothing like it, Glayva (sp) comes close but not quite a nice. I wanted to refresh and: HOLY S****, it has been discontinued in British Columbia, anyone seen it in Oregon, Washington State? Thanks.
- kus, 30th Jan '11
yukon jack 1st try on exercise in germany minus 2o at night ..freezing cold..til in tipped the jack ..boom nuclear expolsion in my stomach..spot on ..adx portsmouth uk
- adrian hext, 26th Dec '10
Been drinking Jack for around 25 years....Its great on the rocks with a dash of roses limejuice.. Try it you'll become a fan!
- Tip Your Head and Chug the Jack, 26th Oct '10
This Yukon Jack tasted very creamy, i cant complain it gets you.
- James, 9th Aug '10
i became a SNAKE BITE'S ADDICTED! thank you Yukon Jack you got me
- anonymous, 24th Jul '10
Best of the Best
- anonymous, 15th Jul '10
Living in the USA, Yukon Jack flows abundantly. I tried it after too much "Southern Comfort". (Not too comforting! Yuck!) Yukon Jack is the best whiskey on earth. I even named my favorite dog after it. He was the same color! Enjoy with a splash of Dr Pepper or Coke over ice, add milk or cream... Yum!
- Sue - Washington State, 23rd Jan '10
My Father (Jack) and I bought a bottle in Madison, WIS, in the mid-80's. We drank most of it while touring around NE US and SE Canada. We found it a little too sweet for our taste, so left the last quarter bottle or so with a relative.
- Rob, 28th Dec '09
My first taste of Yukon Jack was in a cowboy bar in Steamboat Springs Colorado, Five years ago i moved from the UK to NZ i brought nine bottles with me and alas they only lasted a year ....but wait today i have had a call that someone has got me a bottle from Canada,just going into Auckland to pick it up. Its going to be a good Christmas......
- Mick Lay, 21st Dec '09
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