Penderyn Madeira Finish

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Penderyn Madeira Finish
70cl / 46%
Single Malt Welsh Whisky
Penderyn is a Welsh whisky distilled once in a unique Faraday copper still with an added purifier and rectification column and finished in Madeira casks for extra smoothness. Launched in 2004, Penderyn has built on its early promise and really carved a niche for itself.
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Customer rating (17 reviews)
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CountryWalesCask TypeMadeira Finish
Customer Reviews:(17 reviews)
I bought this for the first time on a whim, as I hadn't heard of WelsH whisky before. I have bought several bottles since, and consider it a favourite, although my first love is Islay. Just a splash of water, as the majority of reviewers here have found, make it an excellent dram (or whatever the Welsh word is!). I look forward to future developments from this distiller.
- Daniel Emerson, 16th September
I tried this whiskey when went to Wales for my brothers wedding and I was very surprised. It was smooth and creamy very delicious I now have a bottle of this in my cupboard, I would certainly recommend it.
- anonymous, 7th January
Very surprised. Delicate nose followed by a slap across the chops with floral and honey notes upon the first taste. Robust enough to stand up to after-dinner coffee (where caramel comes to the fore) or to sip and enjoy on its own. I wouldn't compare it to a scotch, as the differences outweigh the similarities; rather in flavour I found it closer to a good Rye whisky.
- Shav, 3rd Jan '13
I really enjoyed this whisky, great nose even better taste, summer fruits, vanilla, toffee and honey come pounding through with a long finish and silky texture, i will definetly be trying the sherry wood and peated versions soon.
- Paddy, Edinburgh, 4th Jul '12
Got a bottle of this from my Welsh father-in-law for christmas and it is fantastic. Had the same reaction as many on here at first before adding water. With water though it really is fantastic. Suprisingly complex for a younger whisky.
- Matt B, 25th Jan '12
Just received a bottle for my birthday and my initial reaction was not a good one, it seemed very harsh and almost bitter! However, a small splash of water and warming the glass slightly in the hand transformed this into a fantastic, slightly dry, but very drinkable whisky.
- Bert, 11th Oct '11
I fell in love with this sweetheart of a whiskey after my wife got me a minature from a welsh shopping trip.Some lovely after tones and so warming without the heavy shout. A splendid tipple with my fave stilton.I have been a whiskey drinker for close on 45 yrs and for this to go on my one of my fave list it has to be good. We all have our opinions so this is mine.Its going to be my xmas drink
- Frank, 27th Sep '11
a good Whiskey I love the taste and the texture of it the aroma of it just makes you want more let alone the taste with the dryness as well
- anonymous, 2nd Jun '11
I just love those raisins aromas. Sweet, delicate and fun.
- Alvaro, 9th Apr '11
It's loveley. I drink whiskey with a tiny splash of water. This has a sweet, smooth, creamy flavour. I will certainly buy more and highly recommend it. I don't agree with comments to the effect this is not as good as a good Speyside. One of my favourites is Balvenie Double Wood and I would say Penderyn Madeira is equally as good.
- Ron, 12th Jan '11
I love it (second only to SCAPA) 7 would be delighted to relieve Cavalier of his part bottle. Where is it?
- sturat, 7th Dec '10
Aha - we rated this last of 10 on our last tasting session - but added no water... it tasted like raki, saki and rasins. I still have most of the bottle let (no one wanted to take it home...) so will try it with water.
- Cavalier, 30th Nov '10
Weatherspoons had a promo on this and it has become there biggest seller. Its not just a friendly dram but is more like a child with intelligence and maturity that belies its age. Even a non-whisky drinking friend enjoys this on a regular basis.Visit there home in south Wales and try there whole range, its worth it.
- Justin Mackenzie, 11th Oct '09
As a long time scotch drinker that has appreciated just about everything the genre has to offer I was delighted to find a new flavour experience. Penderyn has a unique profile that is simply explodes with a drop of water. Highly recommended! A fine desert malt.
- Ian Calvert, 24th Jan '09
I have to disagree - maybe not up there with the finest of Speysides, but this is a very nice whisky. Given they've only been selling the stuff for about 5 or 6 years I was very impressed. My gut feeling is that this brand will get even better over time.
- Paul M, 27th Aug '08
It is a slightly harsh and strong malt, with a predominantly sweet vanilla and honey flavour, improved by water but not a patch on a good Speyside
- malcolm williams, 22nd Feb '08
As an exponent of 'waterless' malts, this dram is in my opinion less than nice. Put a dash of water in it and WOW - what an amazing transformation. The rough finish is immediately smoothed and the drink takes on the feel of a lovely speyside. Would happily recommend this to any malt drinker but please ensure you have a jug of H2O handy.
- John Ferris, 23rd Oct '07
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