Ardbeg 1990 / Airigh Nam Beist / Bot.2008

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Ardbeg 1990 / Airigh Nam Beist / Bot.2008
70cl / 46%
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
Airigh Nam Beist 1990 is a delicious vintage bottling from the ongoing success story that is Ardbeg. Sadly now discontinued due to exhausted stocks, 'the Beist' was an extremely popular Ardbeg, with assertive and powerful peatiness and a lovely honeyed edge. Oh, and it's pronounced 'Arry nam Baysht'.
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More Details:
CountryScotlandRegionIslayBottlerDistillery BottlingBottling StatusDiscontinuedVintage1990Bottling Date2008Chill FilteredNo
Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes

Nose: The initial impression is of eating Ardbeg ice cream on the beach – the combination of sea spray, creamy vanilla ice cream infused with hints of peat oil, finished with a drizzle of gooey fudge sauce. Cutting through this luscious sweetness is an exciting assortment of fennel and pine nuts, zesty limes and sherbet with a touch of geranium leaves and lavender.

Taste: Definitely Ardbeg on the taste with peat, seaweed bonfire smokiness. Crispy smoky bacon, maple syrup and antiseptic lozenges leave a peppery and oily feel on the palate. Sweet and fruity flavours of ripe autumn fruits and chocolate limes emerge as notes of black coffee, liquorice and reminders of parma violets linger in the background.

Finish: Long on the finish with dried peat and creamy notes.    

Tasting Notes by John Hansell (Malt Advocate)

Some of the best intensely smoky, peaty Islay whiskies are balanced with a foundation of malty sweetness.  This whisky is an excellent example.  A sinewy malt with the classic bold notes of kiln smoke, peat, tarry rope, and coal ash.  Sweeter notes of honeyed malt, ripe vanilla, chocolate fudge and toasted marshmallow temper and soothe the palate, along with background berry confit.  The smoke lingers long on the palate.  Ardbeg devotees will not be disappointed.  92 points.

[These tasting notes are reproduced from Malt Advocate magazine Q1 2007]

Tasting Notes by Tim F

Nose: Honey, an oiliness, toasted cereal, restrained peat.  Youthful, creamy, some apple & peach / nectarine aromas developing.  Hot milk, melted vanilla ice cream.

Palate:  Glorious sweet honey / oatmeal attack.  Smoked cereal, crispy bacon, spices, syrup and hay, with smoke and gentle malt.  Brilliant balance, silky mouthfeel.

Finish:  A peaty caress.  Honey and spices drifting over the tongue.

Comment:  I could drink this every day and never get tired of it.  Just delicious.

TF 31/07/07

Customer Reviews:(17 reviews)
Delicious Ardbeg with good depth and flavor.
- Luke, 2nd Nov '13
My favourite Ardbeg next to the old Ten (contains pre-Glenmorangie casks)! This is like liquid bonfire with smoke,salt then ham and spices before it disappears with a sense of vanilla and dark chocolate,followed by ash. I suggest you drink it at full strength,as it's pretty smooth. If you add water (2 teaspoons,not more) and let it open a few minutes, you'll get a more dominant dark chocolate,much to the expense of overall complexity and depth,I might add.
- Brixomatic, 8th Jun '12
Finally picked up a bottle of this stuff - Amazing and stunning. Old Ardbeg resides in this malt. I wish I never opened my bottle and saved it for those special occasions. Oh well, I'll just procure one in the whisky exchange once I reach my mad money funding.
- anonymous, 6th Jun '12
Possibly the yes whisky I have ever had. Fantastic balance and enough of that peat blast to make it unmistakably ardbeg. I have 5 bottles of this stuff, buy ti whenever you see it as it will be worth every cent !!!
- Will, 26th Jan '12
Easily the best Ardbeg expression I've ever had. Beautiful nose, amazing palate --so many wonderful flavors open up at different times, and a finish like no other. As near a perfect dram as one can ask for.
- cato, 3rd Aug '11
This is the sexiest single malt I have ever had the pleasure to spend the night with.
- Ricky P. - Wisconsin, USA, 10th May '11
This nowdays rare dram is wourth hunting down, lovely peat with high complexity, dont miss out on this jewel!
- MaltmanSwe, 29th Apr '11
The Beastie! My favorite Ardbeg and one of my favorite Islays. What more can I say except "RIP Little Beastie"? You won't be forgotten.
- Ricardo, 28th Apr '11
Quite possibly the most wonderful whiskey I have ever tasted, big bruising peat comes in after honey and heather, this one made my xmas..
- Olly B, 26th Mar '11
Lit my mouth up! I am NOT a whiskey drinker....but I bought the last bottle store had in the US where I live...its in my freezer now..serve it chilled! I bought a bottle for friend, who likes Leguvian (spelling not so good on that one) but I wanted a NOTCH wondeful, so many complex flavors and powerful like eating mushrooms...turn out the lights, lock the doors!
- Duratek, 26th Mar '11
The dessert scotch of Islay; elegant, complex, wonderful.
- rwbenjey, 11th Feb '11
great stuff , truly sublime the finish is awesome !!!
- anonymous, 18th Nov '10
Fantastic - One of my favorites!!!
- anonymous, 8th Mar '10
absolutly perfect. The best Ardbeg in my opinion
- anonymous, 21st Feb '10
It said chocolate on the label! What a swizz. There was no chocolate in the case and I have seen better looking labels on sheets.
- ronnie - manchester, 21st Nov '09
The most elegant whisky I've ever had.
- anonymous, 15th Nov '09
Wonderful! absolutly great.worth each penny!
- anonymous, 31st Jul '09
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