Sazerac Rye

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Sazerac Rye
75cl / 45%
Straight Rye Whiskey
Sazerac is a terrific spicy rye from Buffalo Trace in a great old-time bottle. We understand this to be six years old. Great in a Manhattan, especially with Carpano's Antica Formula vermouth.
World Whiskies Awards 2012 - Best Rye 7 years and under
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Robin Laing, World Whiskies Awards 2012
Fresh, bright and attractive - fields of grain, rye bread, cherries, lemons in a plastic bucket. Sweet and peppery with maple candy and root beer, then a woody dryness in the finish.
Tasting Notes by Mark Gillespie, World Whiskies Awards 2012

Caramel cola with a subtle rye note, allspice, leather, and a hint of oak. Smooth with cinnamon, vanilla, honey, and a hint of brown sugar. Long and smooth with a good balance of cinnamon, honey, and vanilla notes.

Customer Reviews:(5 reviews)
My first ever Rye whiskey, and its is revelationary. Sweet yet spicy, with a menthol quality to the finish. This is a fantastic introduction to Rye, a very different yet extremely enjoyable alternative to Bourbon.The bottle is great, the whiskey is great, and having had friends try, they all bar none loved it.
- Ant, 3rd Mar '11
Fabulous stuff. There is an immediate hit of banana when you open the bottle, and then...Nose: Vanilla, clove, anise and pepper. Taste: Candied spices and citrusFinish: Smooth, licorice and smoked pepper. This is a stunner.
- Pat, 17th Feb '11
It may well be great in a Manhattan, but I drink it straight! The WWA awarded Rittenhouse 100 best US whiskey this year. It's a nice rye but the Saz is loads better. I said above that it's one of the best American whiskies in the £20 range. I'll amend that: one of the best bargains in the whisk(e)y world.
- Mr Claw, 4th Jul '10
For 'round about the £20 mark, one of the best American whiskies you'll find if you ask me. I love it!! Okay I'm biased as I'm a huge rye fan, but this is way better than many. If you've got the cash, though, go for the van Winkle 13.
- MrClaw, 18th Jun '10
I just bought this from the shop while in london, i'm so glad i did, the smell is complex and does border on the side of acetone but the taste certainly makes up for it. A rush of sweet caramel hits you and you're left with an earthy brown sugar finish, it's a beautiful bottle as well, I will certainly buy again!
- anonymous, 20th Oct '09
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