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J & B Rare
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
One of the biggest names in the blending market, with over 6 million cases a year sold worldwide, Justerini & Brooks' blend never fails to deliver in style, quality and value for money.
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Customer rating (22 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(22 reviews)
A true classic. When the mood and/or the wallet directs me to something other than a single malt, this blend fits the bill quite nicely. Crisp, refreshing and clean.
- anonymous, 20th August
I've been drinking Rare J&B 8yr old for over 40yrs, and loved every minute of it. I have also tried the 10yr ld and the 12yr old and my favorite was the 10 yr old Rare J&B blend!
- Tony (Pol), 20th July
very impressive, tastes way better than JW Black.Good whisky at fare price.
- anonymous, 5th February
As stated in previous comments this and Jamesion and jointly top of all whiskies
- Sylvia Louth, 5th Dec '13
This is a good blend, it's basically like a better, more refined version of Bells.
- Laurence Llewelyn-Monkfish, 31st May '13
I have tasted many scotches and have worked in the industry. This is the scotch I always ask for.
- Al, 30th Apr '13
This stuff saved my life!
- Macready, 2nd Dec '11
I just love this drink,Palate: Sweet, light bodied, very faint peat,basically very smooth.Great to have it on the rocks or just neat.
- Sydney,India, 13th Apr '11
drink it on the rocks( when rested for a good 10 mins) or use it as a mixer. This is a classic case of a movie making a scotch seem better than it is. Next thing you know.. everyone will love Cutty Sark as it was in Goodfellas. lol
- anonymous, 20th Feb '11
Nose: Faint peat and a little marsh salt air. Palate: Sweet, light bodied, very faint peat, cinammon, more candied sweetness, like a couple of packets of Sugar Twin. Finish: A little pepper, slight salty tang, a little tingle of the nostrils as the peat disappears very quickly leaving a pepper and sweetness on the palate. This blended scotch flavor disappeared from the palate as quickly as it appearred.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 8th Sep '10
This proves to be exceptional value for money. Sure I agree that there are many better for a higher price. However at this range it offers as an excellent choice for a mid week tipple.
- Drums, 24th Jun '10
Watery and characterless more or less sums this one up. Overrated fire water!Good scotch has complexity, smoothness and delivers uplifting satisfaction. After forcing myself to drink this one, I left scratching my head and holding my throat.
- Terry, 10th Jun '10
All people that have rated this Whisky "good" have obviously never tried a quality one. Drunken straight this J
- Nils, 28th Dec '09
best of blended whiskys
- anonymous, 20th Dec '09
the best that money can buy
- anonymous, 13th Dec '09
I was really looking forward to trying this but was dissappointed. It's sweet, mellow and has quite a nice nose but the finish isn't to my liking at all. It's a bit better over ice!
- anonymous, 13th Jul '09
I love this drink. discovered it a few weeks back and haven't stopped drinking it since. definitely my new drink of choice!
- katie, 11th Feb '09
If you find scotch harsh then this is for you. Goes great straight up, with a corona
- Pat Bateman, 3rd Dec '08
My dad loves this and I find it hard to find on the high Street. Personally I prefer Johnny Walker Black Label, but Dad calls that 'Firewater'!
- anonymous, 27th Nov '08
it is watery and characterless, the only use i can think of for this blend is as MIXER
- anonymous, 15th Aug '08
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