Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Year Old

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Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
Johnnie Walker Black Label's iconic square bottle makes it one of the world's most recognisable Scotch whiskies - and it's also one of whisky critic Jim Murray's favourite blends: 'If there is a silkier delivery on the market today, I have not seen it: this is sublime of the world's most masterful whiskies back in all its complex glory'
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Customer rating (47 reviews)
Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes

Nose: Rich dried fruits from the European oak sherry casks. 

Palate: Hints of smooth creamy toffee linger on the tip of your tongue.

Finish: A sophisticated, smoky finish - the signature of all Johnnie Walker blends.

Tasting Notes By Jim Murray (Whisky Bible 2013)

Nose 23.5: Pretty sharp grain: hard and buffeting the nose; a buffer of yielding smoke, apple pie and delicate spice cushions the encounter.

Taste 24.5: If there is a silkier delivery on the market today I have not seen it: this is sublime stuff, with the grains singing the sweetest hymns as they go down, taking with them a near perfection of weighty smoke lightened by brilliantly balanced barley which leans towards both soft apple and crème brulée.

Finish 23.5: Those reassuringly rigid grains re-emerge and with them the most juicy Speysidey malts imaginable; the lovely sheen to the finish underlines the good age of the whiskies used.

Balance 24: Here it is: one of the world's most masterful whiskies back in all its complex glory. A bottle like this is like being visited by an old lover. It just warms the heart and excites.

Tasting Notes by Mark Gillespie, World Whiskies Awards 2012

Nose: Soft and complex with touches of toasted oak, honey, coconut, and figs.

Palate: Spicy with a nice allspice note on top and caramel syrup sweetness underneath.

Finish: Hints of lemon-lime citrus develop later, and last through the long finish.

Customer Reviews:(47 reviews)
All around excellent go-to blend. Not too sweet, full-flavored, slightly smokey, with a crisp floral aftertaste.
- TK, 16th August
I mostly drank single malts.. until I tried JW Black Label. Hands down my favourite scotch. It's my "go to" whisky. I've had whisky at five times the price but for me nothing compares to this. A fantastic blend. Always have a bottle in the cupboard. 10/10.
- anonymous, 14th April
This, and the double black JW, happen to be my favorite blends. Its a good starter to get you into the intense peaty whiskies of Islay (pronounced I-La)and Skye. This is a good Christmastime dram, think roasted chestnuts and eggnog with nutmeg. I also recommend if you liked Black Label: Talisker 10, Lagavulin 16, Laphraoig 10, Oban 10, and Glenlivet 15, and 18. Because mellow scotches are for lasses.
- Laphraoig n eggs, 29th March
What a blend! Star of the JW range and can be compared even even with the best single malts. I don't care much about blends because of low quality, but this is one is unique. My agony is that this could so much more with 46 %, no color added etc, but we all know JW will never, never, do it.
- Mikko, 23rd May '13
Just back from an oversea trip and had some currency left . Remembered I used to drink JW black label . Not disappointed. A super smooth luxury scotch . So glad I found this taste again.
- Shane, 23rd Apr '13
Smooth, rounded, accessible and affordable. Johnnie Walker Black Label is a fantastic premium blend and deservedly popular around the globe. Although it might not be everyones favourite, the benchmark Scotch blend is perfectly balanced and can be appreciated by everyone.
- The Colonel, 6th Apr '13
Without a doubt one of the finest affordable blends out there. A great starter whisky for anyone. It has everything, sweet honey, citrus fruits, floral notes and even a hint of peat. What more could you ask for?
- sean f, 12th Oct '12
very very nice scotch i love it very much .
- faheem pk, 10th Oct '12
Perhaps my favourite blend. It's got everything in one package, nicely integrated, with a creamy mouth feel and a good finish. And a fair price as well. I wouldn't mind a little bit more peat though. Hard to believe this comes from the same company as the rather awful Red Label.
- anonymous, 27th Sep '12
Great premium blend. The best blend for the money, hands down. I have been enjoying Black Label since 1996, and my thoughts about it hasn't changed a bit over the years, in spite of drastically having improved my taste for single malt scotch. People really need to stop comparing it to Chivas 12, because it just doesn't compare.
- anonymous, 2nd Aug '12
JH Double black is real tongue ,taste twister with its peaty flavor sensuous aroma ,great taste but with water no masking with aerated drinks/juices.
- Sneh Kant, 29th Jun '12
I retire in 2 years and plan on following w Churchill example and start each day with johnnie walker black and soda might even try my hand at painting my version of bottlescape
- Johnewilson , 9th Jun '12
JW Black is an excellent Scotch to drink especially after a long day at work.It is also great to drink with mature man while shooting the breeze!It is smooth to the palate, a sligth taste of smokiness. A man of taste will appericiate this. Mature,and enjoy my friend!
- Kenneth B. Marshall, 2nd Jun '12
A beginner's blend indeed. And very exquisite at that. The normal trend would be to move onto the subtler tastes of single malt scotch. Still, the best value money can buy. Great fruit, spice and peat. Timeless finesse. Probably the best of the JW range. I have tried the full spectrum and this stands up there with the blue label, believe it or not. Enjoy
- zeus, 29th Mar '12
This is the very best scotch I have ever tasted, a bit smokier in taste,and very smooth to the palet. Enjoy my friend!
- anonymous, 12th Mar '12
While not the best I've ever had, JW Black was my very first whiskey,and I wouldn't change that even if I could. Great stuff and possibly the best value for money out there.
- MK, 11th Feb '12
Great blend ! My only criticism would be is that the bottle glass is so thin, you wouldn't dare knock it or it's curtains for your whisky ! Decanter soon :D
- anonymous, 1st Sep '11
6.5/10 Definitely an acquired taste.
- anonymous, 16th Jul '11
Nice one I love it :)
- Greg, 6th Jul '11
Great taste--:)
- Shah..., 6th Jun '11
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