Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18 Year Old

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Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
A superior deluxe 18-year-old blended Scotch whisky made from an exclusive selection of 15 different aged whiskies. The blend delivers an exceptionally smooth taste together with a richness of character and lasting finish.
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Customer rating (28 reviews)
Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Tim F

Nose: More perfumed and floral than the Blue Label; candy sweet rather than syrupy.  Some very appealing oily and toasty notes.

Palate:  Spices, delicious oak, sponge cake, cereal, honey, syrup, ginger and dried orange peel.  In a word, delicious. 

Finish:  An elegant dance of the above, with some delicious pepper and spice notes and hints of mixed peel.

Comment:  This pretty much epitomises everything that blend-lovers love about blends: Quality, Harmony, Complexity, Grace. Beautiful.

Customer Reviews:(28 reviews)
Gold lable is best so smoot ..just love it & red are also JW brands.
- ismat jahan , 6 days ago
nice one,very smooth
- anonymous, 14th September
No Complaints with the black, the green is not very smooth, the gold is AMAZING! So smooth, so much flavor, smoky, I didn't want to swallow, never had the blue.
- Nick the Greek, 24th July
Too perfumey.
- anonymous, 11th March
I am basically a bourbon drinker but Johnnie Walker Gold is superb. It has a certain sophistication to it that can't be described. Take a sip and don't swallow for a long time. Let it envelop the tongue...WOW. And the finish, indescribable. This stuff is something special.
- Robbob, 23rd January
gold is the best
- anonymous, 12th Jun '13
As a single malt drinker, I like this as a change, straight from the freezer, syrupy, ice cold, I'm sold!!
- Raptordog, 9th Nov '12
This is my favorite JW, more consistent and refined than the Black, richer than the Green, and a lot more affordable than the Blue.
- Tudval, 28th Oct '11
Most delicious blended scotch ever. Ever!
- Daimean, 11th Oct '11
the one and only gold label the best!!
- anonymous, 11th Oct '11
This is my favoroute whiskey when it s in a green bottle for some reason when its in a clear bottle it tastes rough.
- Marc, 19th Sep '11
Liquid smooth!
- bombbadin, 19th Jun '11
Very elegant blend. Probably my favourite of the JW stable.
- Mr Claw, 13th Apr '11
Apart from the Red, all the JW whiskies are lovely in their own right. For me, the Blue is lovely, but over-priced. Green is OK (not my style), the Black is (for me) one of the best blended whiskies I've had at such a low price. The Gold is gorgeous - very smooth and honey'd.If you like JW whiskies, you HAVE to watch this video on their website. By the end of it, you'll be wanting a dram!
- Sean, 9th Feb '11
- anonymous, 5th Jan '11
i like it very good ..but green is beter
- anonymous, 26th Dec '10
- anonymous, 5th Oct '10
This stuff is nice, had it once. I'd say it's a chick whisky. EASY to drink, tastes honeyed and sweet though not syrupy. Though it tastes expensive, elegant, I felt ripped off. Too sweet. I'm sold on the Green Label.
- Steve, 19th Mar '10
I prefer this one to blue every time! Save your money and drink this one, you won't be upset.
- Kenny, 3rd Mar '10
as a whiskey man i belive that its taste it is not so good as i expected for me the best of jw collection is the blue and the black
- anonymous, 13th Feb '10
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