Ileach Peaty

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Ileach Peaty
70cl / 40%
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
A young and peaty single malt whisky from an unnamed Islay distillery, this has garnered praise for its straight to the point smoky flavour.
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Customer rating (10 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(10 reviews)
packs a peaty punch but smooth enough to appeal to my non peaty friends. good value for money
- david wood, 24th June
There is much speculation on which distillery this 'secret' Islay malt comes from. I have to say that I don't think any of the great distilleries on Islay would own up to this! It is very underpowered, completely unbalanced and has more than a taint of the dreaded sulphur from a poor sherry cask. Not what a fancy label portrays or the picture depicts this is NOT representative of the superb Islay malts. R. Swinhoe
- Robert Swinhoe, 12th May
This is a simply wonderful big Islay dram. Very full flavoured and sweet with a denseness that gives it a liqueur-like quality. Very rounded for its age. Has the richness and fullness you expect from a south shore Islay. The flavours fade slowly in the long finish. Superb.
- Dr Smith, 19th Oct '13
Wow. lots of rave reviews for this one. Well I'll balance things up a bit by offering my view that the Ileach is terrible. Really quite awful stuff. Ok the nose is standard peat but the finish evaporates as soon as you've swallowed just leaving you with something quite acrid, which is the combination of new make spirit and E150. Best avoid.
- Sean Sankey, 8th Aug '13
For over 20 years, Laphroaig has been my unbeaten favourite malt. The Ileach beats it comfortably, and is a pleasure to the palet.
- Fraser Forbes, 15th May '13
This is one of the best every day malts.Peaty and sweet at the same time ,warm ,pleasant and very easy to drink,this dram has won a place in my heart together with the legendary triad of Islay(Ardbeg 10yo,Lagavulin16yo,Laphroaig QS).
- Alexandros G., 15th Jan '11
Man, this is my holiday tipple. i love this drink because its quaffable and uncomplicated. It has an incredible peatiness and a v. strong Iodine - seaside taste. It is a beautiful whiskey designed for us uncomplicated types. In other words, leaves you shaking your head and sucking your teeth in an attitude of confusion!!
- anonymous, 19th Sep '10
Ileach smells wonderful. Has the bouquet of an Islay whisky alright. The peaty flavour is on the mark as well. I love Islay malts best of all, and this one is proof that there is no such animal as a bad dram from that little piece of heaven called Islay.
- John Earle, 25th Jun '10
I am a huge fan of Lagavulin and so I tried this on a whim. Its definately like Lagavulin - dry, smokey, peppery - but its muchyounger and more raw.I REALLY LIKE THIS and if you are an Islay fan then try it.
- LAH Canada, 21st Nov '09
After a recent trip to the highlands I purchased a bottle of Ileach 40% mainly because I had never heard of it . having tasted it however the pleasant smoky taste of an Islay malt was there but not to strong. a very pleasing dram and well worth the money
- Paul Fisher-Stokes, 31st Oct '08
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