Johnnie Walker Blue Label Anniversary

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Anniversary
70cl / 60.5%
Blended Scotch Whisky
The Anniversary Pack celebrates John and Alexander Walker’s pioneering spirit and groundbreaking style. This special limited edition has been created to commemorate the anniversary of John Walker’s birthday, on 25th July 1805.

The whisky in this special edition is a cask strength blend of Blue Label, so the full power of the flavours can be experienced. This exclusive Blue Label is contained in an exceptional Anniversary crystal decanter that has been especially created for Johnnie Walker by Baccarat.
(£1,750.00 ex. VAT)
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Whiskyfun (Serge Valentin)

Nose: It’s absolutely incredible that this baby is actually quite close to the old Dundonian, as it starts on almost as much peat smoke and a very comparable oomph. Frankly, they’re very similar whiskies, although this JW has a little more fruits such as blackberries and hints of oranges. Maybe a little more bacon as well. Me likes this!
With water: More differences with water. The smokiness is almost as big as in the Dundonian but there are even more fruits. Very nice shoe polish/soot combo in the background.

Mouth (neat): … And once again, we’re in an old style, rich and dry at the same time, very smoky and sappy and not too hot. Wonderful development on many tart fruits that keep the whole ‘flying’, lemon, tangerine, grapefruits… Even touches of strawberries. Well, this baby had to be good, I guess, and it is, no doubt.
With water: More earth, leather, mushrooms and tobacco. A little green tea as well.

Finish: Very long, more and more on bitter oranges but it seems that the peat still had a lot to say in the aftertaste.

Comments: Right, it’s the kind of bottling that us malt aficionados love to hate. First, because of its ‘bling’ side (but no worries, many malt brands seem to be catching up ;-)) and second, because of all the great old malts that were probably sacrificed. Well, it’s still my opinion but I won’t deny that the end result was of the highest orders in this case. A very great, very old style whisky, and I cannot see why I’d give it a different score. Well worth 92! Ha, blends! SGP:455 - 92 points.

Producer's Tasting Notes
Appearance: A dark full gold with denser shades of amber.

Nose: Harmonious and perfectly balanced; hints of smokiness and a real depth of sherry character, with hints of raisins and toasted nuts.

Palate: A velvety mouth-feel, then an explosion of flavour: Hazelnuts, rose petals, sherry, oranges.  Subsequent sips reward you with more hidden secrets: kumquats, wispy aromatic smoke, sandalwood, tobacco, chocolate and stewed apples.

Finish: Well balanced, long and intense, with hints of smoke, Islay seaweed and vintage oaks.
Customer Reviews:(21 reviews)
Received a bottle as a gift & it will be opened on the birth of my daughter come next April. Can't wait to get some of this passed my ivory's. If it is better than the King George V ed then this will be an absolute winner.
- goose, SA, 7th Dec '12
ambition to acquire one soon, have it on rocks once a savour its lingering flavour.
- Sundar, India, 21st Aug '12
Something to aspire to. :-)
- anonymous, 6th Dec '11
Would love to buy this for my Grandad for Christmas, Maybe I can get my sister to chip in as this would bring some happy memories for him.
- Emma, 14th Dec '10
To Vaka:Errrrr....... try the page that you posted your comment on !!i.e. THIS ONE!Sheeeeesh!
- anonymous, 18th Jan '10
where can i buy that blue label with 60.5% i am interested
- vaka, 27th Aug '09
I'd love to have a measure of the Blue without any mixers. Let me at it, quick!
- Kirby, Dagenham., 23rd Jun '09
i got one for christmas, but i dont think it will last until next christmas, yum
- anonymous, 4th Jan '09
99% of indians will have with soda water. FACT.
- anonymous, 1st Dec '08
smooth...very smooth..but there is something about a single malt which just makes it shoulders above any blend...
- anonymous, 27th Nov '08
would love to have a bottle of this GIFTED to me
- anonymous, 20th Nov '08
The first taste of blue I ever had with my new rich uncle (wife's uncle) caused a low, semi-creepy laugh to come out of my mouth and resulted in feelings of euphoria. NEVER MIX THE BLUE!! Heck, I don't even mix the Red.
- anonymous, 21st Oct '08
I'm not a scholar or a rich man, but i appreciate a good whiskey. I havent been lucky or wealthy enough to try blue label yet but i will be, but i would consider it a sin to mix black label.
- colin,h, 19th Oct '08
As a well known scholar I just drink it, it is splendid
- anonymous, 6th Oct '08
Mix it, anybody that pays 2000 for a blended whisky is too dumb to appreciate the difference. Sure its NICE but its a rookie scotch.
- anonymous, 8th Sep '08
Simple if you are going to mix a drink use the black or mellow out the gold with a soft blend of fruity vodka. NEVER NEVER mix the blue....If you do you really don't understand the enjoyment of the moment it touches your tongue.
- George J., 11th Jul '08
On the contrary, I have my Blue, a double shot on a few cubes of ice, with a dash of soda water... swirl it abit and then, savour.. Sheer bliss indeed
- anonymous, 10th Jul '08
you never ever mix coke or ginger ale with a scotch as good as this one.what is WRONG with you
- anonymous, 9th Jul '08
i have a glass of blue every evening, STRAIGHT. the best.
- anonymous, 29th Apr '08
I would love to have it with Ginger Ale. What? There is nothing wrong with drinking blended Scotch with soda, is it? As far as I know no one does Johnnie Walker straight.
- Barry Grosman, 2nd Mar '08
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