Johnnie Walker Red Label

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Johnnie Walker Red Label
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
Johnnie Walker Red Label was launched in its current form by brothers George and Alexander Walker in 1909, though it had existed as Walker's Special Old Highland Red Label for some years previously. Alexander blended a type of whisky which is more suited to mixing with soda than the heavier, more old-fashioned whiskies, and named it after his grandfather, who had started the family business in 1820. Today it is the world's most popular whisky and is sold in more than 200 markets world-wide.

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Customer rating (46 reviews)
Tasting Notes:
Tasting notes by Billy A

Nose: Sour apple, toffee and light spice. Hints of vanilla sponge and caraway.

Palate: Soft and gentle, with sweet grain, sour apple, vanilla cream and white pepper. Caramel and toffee sweetness develops.

Finish: Short and sweet, with growing apple skin tannin and a touch of fruit.

Producer's Tasting Notes

Nose: Hints of fresh apple, pear and the spark of zest from the elegant Speyside malts. 

Palate: Fruity sweetness, cinnamon and pepper crackling on the centre of your tongue.

Finish: A sophisticated, smoky finish - the signature of all Johnnie Walker blends.

Customer Reviews:(46 reviews)
My favourite cheap price blended scotch, a very good all-round, reliable whiskey.
- David, 25th June
Greatest whiskey to celebrate any moment of extreme happiness or to counteract any great moment of sadness - a true friend and companion for moderate drinkers to near teetotallers
- pink jaguar, 3rd January
Had it in Poland for 59 zloties (12 quid) a litre bottle...this Eastern Europe is amazing hahahahaha! Whatever the price a great tipple:)
- Berny, Cardiff, 18th May '13
Actually this fellow is better now than, say, 4-5 years ago. It is more freshy, slightly more paety. Great dram for everyday sipping.
- rico, 17th Apr '13
In my opinion, JW Red Label is a decent Scotch. Unlike many other blends in the same category, this has got some personality to it, It's a very recognizable blend that goes well with a mixer but can just as easily be enjoyed straight.
- Jack, 13th Feb '12
First bottle of Red Label I ever bought was a week ago and really like it. Its smooth and cheaper than other brands. I will be buying more of it......
- anonymous, 30th Oct '11
I once was taken round the JW distillery and th blenders all rated Red label as the most complex of the labeloptions - which surprised me until they explained the blending process for red labe; takes the longest time to achieve and they all drank it out of choice. And you know, they are right, it's a classic blended SCotch as sale worldwide will confirm!
- anonymous, 5th Oct '11
p miller: It's almost certainly 40%, but without seeing a picture of the bottle I can't really guess at the age. Mail me at [email protected] if you have a piccy.
- TWE Admin, 17th Jun '11
i have a bottle of red label but has no proof label on itcan anyone tell me how old it would be and what proof it would be thanks
- p miller 17th june 2011, 17th Jun '11
Works very well with soda, less so with ice.
- Olosh, 2nd Jun '11
Firey, rough and raucous. Hot and spicey. Challenging. Revels in its immaturity. Indeed, some critics say that JW Red croses the line into tasting rough and cheap, though I think it steers clear in the end. To my taste at least it is a better bet than bland nonentities like J
- Kelly, 21st May '11
JW Red Label is my favourite everyday Scotch, slightly spicy and best with some spring water (never cold or with ice) but it's a very personal thing.For special treats Lagavulin takes some beating, but expensive.Why is Scotch so expensive? C'mon fellas, don't kill the Goose!
- tunybgur, 18th Mar '11
Not the best stuff on its own, but even JW say it's a scotch for mixing, so it's not really blended for drinking straight, rather to taste good with something else. It's always my choice when mixing drinks, certainly above any American attempts and cheaper scotches.
- anonymous, 21st Sep '10
It does'nt matter what country you live in,we all want a good tasting Scotch. Jonnnie Walker Red is not it...Tasted and nosed like iodine. reminded me of tooth ache medicine when i was kid. I am going to try JW Black next
- anonymous, 15th Jun '10
I agree with the first comment. And why would anyone drink scotch everyday. You all make it sound like it's lemonade. I have a little scotch as a nightcap I certainly don't want any nightmares as a result of an unworthy product! If you're going to enjoy a dram, make sure it's the best. JWR is wishy washy, watery, lacking in body, with no nose.
- Terry, 10th Jun '10
and what country is that..?
- lenny, 5th May '10
Most people in our country drink Black Label and think Johnny Walker is the best scotch in the world and the general consensus is Red Label is rubbish. So much so that Red Label is really hard to find. More Blue Label is sold here than Red Label despite the huge cost. I think people see the Johnny Walker Label and automatically assume its good scotch but the truth is Red Label is bad.
- Jason, 3rd Apr '10
Not bad! kind of hot. Spicy, and there's some indication of Isla malt. Smooth, mellow, versatile. It can be had straight. I wouldn't get tanked on it though.
- Steve, 19th Mar '10
Oh and dont forget, the "Yanks" live in the northeast and coast and are English decended and sip martinis and white wine and fly to London and make us all look like jackasses. The southerners and mountain people that drink whiskey in america are mostly the great grandsons of Scots and Scots-Irish and English borderer immigrants who have the unfortunate situation of the existence of fresh new oak trees and corn fields all around their environs so give them a break on the whiskey ingredients.
- anonymous, 9th Feb '10
Jack Daniels had the unfortunate luck to design a really nifty looking label. Hence the popularity. Its fine. Everyone hates it sort of like everyone used to hate the band Oasis. Red label is fine. I rather enjoy the more affordable scotches.
- anonymous, 9th Feb '10
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