Compass Box Oak Cross

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Compass Box Oak Cross
70cl / 43%
Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
A vatting of top-quality Highland malts that undergo a unique secondary maturation in American casks capped with new French Oak heads, adding an extra layer of spicy flavour and complexity. The result is fruity and rich with clove and vanilla notes.
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Dr Whisky

Light but bold, confident aromas; clay, flowers, some spice, and suntan lotion, jojoba or coconut. Peanut oil and oak.

Luscious mouth feel, geitost, heather honey sweetness that turns to spicy excitement. Oaky finish, butter and toast, with a tingling, pins and needles effect.


Makes me think of musicians, Damien Rice, Mark Shwaber, Leslie Feist... Confident and accessible while being charming, innovative, and interesting. Great value for the craftsmanship and complexity. Could easily enjoy this all night. The world waits for these guys to screw up... Not bloody likely.

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Customer Reviews:(3 reviews)
The NEW version just came to Canada (Ontario), July 2012. Love it, stock up some for the coming Holiday. Go Compass Box ! U rock ! Lovely vatt...uh, blend.. , uh vatted Scotch. Or the equivalence thereof. Toronto Tim.
- TT, 15th Jul '12
I took a chance on this and I lucked out. It's delicious. Not overpowering. The flavor sneaks up on you with this lively, sort of spicy flavor.
- Steve, 19th Mar '10
No Burn, Mild but very pleasant and not bland. Good finish.
- billyD Quincy Mass USA, 24th Jul '07
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