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Whyte & Mackay Special
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
Whyte & Mackay's big selling entry level blended whisky. High quality and a great way to start working your way up through the rest of their range.
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Customer rating (18 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(18 reviews)
Not as bad as people say but doesn't set the heather on fire either. Nose: Vanilla,dark fruits and digestive biscuits. Palate:Highland toffee,raisins,orange peel,bitter chocolate and heather honey. Finish: Medium length, black pepper and icing sugar.
- Paddy, Edinburgh., 6 days ago
Excellent as a chaser as it has a full flavour and works well with beer.There are many imperfections but it certainly has a unique character. I agree, the 13 year old is well worth the extra few pounds especially if you drink it without mixers.
- Jonty B, 4th May
This is one of the best whiskys at the price. I would take no notice of the low marks some people give it.
- Johnny Norfolk., 1st April
Received a 1L bottle with IWSC GOLD 2013 award on the label. I find it really smooth, honeyed and a long after taste. No burn at all. In fact quite exceptional for a blend, which I have drunk with just a drop of water (I normally only drink malts with a little water). Perhaps I am not reviewing the same product!?
- Tom, Rochdale, 19th March
A fantastic whiskey at the price! Thank goodness our tastes are differ.
- Steve VR, 15th May '13
This must be the most unpleasant nose I have encountered in a whisky and it tastes like burnt sugar. It's quite rough really and burns in your belly like nothing else. I'm glad I tried it but it's not one I would purchase again or recommend. I have more than 40 different bottles open at the moment and this is my least favourite so I will save it for guests to mix with ice and coke. The 13yr is actually very pleasant though and well worth an extra fiver.
- The Colonel, 29th Apr '13
Really very intersting stuff,in the winter, you will feel like fire all around.full of fun.
- jabir, 9th Dec '12
Burns like fire, will warm you on a winters day in my opinion spend another £5 snd get the 13 year much smoother and better flavour but if you like the burning warming feeling you cannot go wrong. the price makes you wonder how they make money on this one
- Zvi S, 21st Dec '11
Ignore D Meister - this is a very nice whisky and great value for money.
- anonymous, 14th Nov '11
Agree with the 'Teacher's Highland Cream is better', but this certainly has a cleaner less musty taste than Teachers. Defy you to get better at ?14 !
- anonymous, 9th Sep '11
In my humble opinion this is one of the best tasting whisky?s around. Neat, its taste is fresh and relaxing. Add rocks and water and it?s the perfect alternative to a pint of beer on a hot summer?s day. It may not be to your taste but just in case it is, give it a try.
- Chris Reeder, 16th May '11
the best blended whiskey in this price range and on par with many above it. Smooth, rich and sweet. You could spend an extra £5 or £10 on a bottle of jamesons and experience a sharp, short flavour. This has a lasting flavour. A good everyday whiskey.
- Man of the midlands, 2nd Feb '11
nice budget blend
- oscarez, 5th Jan '11
This has no peat or smoke flavors. Islay fans stay away. What it has is sherry, oak, a woodiness and malty flavors. Finish is black pepper. There is a slight spoiled flavor like over ripe tangerines that lingers. Teacher's Highland Cream is better.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 17th May '10
I love this blend. Sherried
- Jim, Oxford, 10th Mar '10
This is a good budget blend which compares favourably with other whiskies in the same price bracket. It's sweet, full bodied and has a nice touch of sherry.
- anonymous, 22nd Jan '10
This is a very nice whiskey i love the sweet ness and the wood ness of the whiskey i took some to canada for my friends i was visiting and they loved it
- P Daniels, 31st Dec '09
Truly horrible stuff. It gathers in your belly like flat beer. There is much better at the lower end of the price scale.
- D Meister, 15th Dec '09
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