Nikka All Malt

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Nikka All Malt
70cl / 40%
Japanese Malt Whisky
A fascinating whisky made with Yoichi, Miyagikyou and some 'grain' whisky that isn't really grain - it's malt whisky made in a Coffey still at Miyagikyo! So this is really a vatted malt, or 'blended malt whisky' as we're supposed to call it these days
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CountryJapanTypeBlended Malt
Customer Reviews:(10 reviews)
This is a very moreish whisky; smooth and sweet. It is not a complex whisky but it makes a very enjoyable and affordable everyday whisky
- M. Ozdamar, 21st Apr '12
Bit disappointin really - which is a surprise because Nikka 'from the barrel' is by the same firm but SO much better. Fascinating hints of cherry blossom - although a bit firey and short. Vanilla Oak is a bit to domminant.
- Tim nice but dim, 9th Feb '12
This whiskey is not too bad but it is not great either. A bit rough and lacks good finish.
- stardust, 4th Nov '11
I am afraid I will have to disagree most of the reviews.... it is totally out of balance. Way tooo much coconut,,, and coconut,,, and coconuts.... Just not my type... It is just a boring
- anonymous, 5th Sep '11
Definitely one to try! This was my first Japanese whisky and a great introduction. Very drinkable, and an interesting alternative to scotch, add a little water and the falvours develop into something quite unique harking back to its cherry blossom origins. A good price too!
- Freddie Reidy, Somerset, 11th May '11
Excellent. Not as sweet as some reviews may suggest. It's spayside-y and it's good. Not as good as "from the barrel" but still - very good.
- Audrius, 13th Nov '10
This is simply really good whisky and should be enjoyed by all. Better than a lot of Scotch that I have had.
- steve, 3rd Nov '10
A really enjoyable Japanese whisky that is bursting with flavour and is well balanced. Really good value for money too.
- Martin Shillitoe, 2nd Mar '10
A full-flavoured, hot and very drinkable whisky.
- matt 13, 5th Feb '10
its ace i bought it and drank the whole lot yum!
- anonymous, 13th Nov '07
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