10 Cane Rum

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10 Cane Rum
70cl / 40%
A pot-distilled rum from Moet-Hennessy, 10 Cane is made with only the first pressing juice from virgin Trinidaian sugar cane, rather than the molasses that most white rums are derived from.
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Customer Reviews:(6 reviews)
great rum for when you want to take a break from the dark syrupy styles of the o so famous zaya and zacapa 23. for a clear rum, it's pretty darn smooth and refreshing with an aftertaste of almost plant like organic flavors. not amazing, but a great rum to have around for a change in scenery
- this guy, 9th May '12
This rum is truly for one who likes something simply wonderful. It is smooth, uniquely pleasant and exquisite. It was demanded by a relative in Canada and when I had this marvel, it also made me proud to be a Trinidadian.
- Calvin, 6th Jan '12
Nice rum for cocktails and nice on it's own, but it's more similar to cachaca than any other rum.
- BNS, 25th Sep '11
An elegant, non aggressive rum. Keep in mind, this is not from sugar molasses; hence, not a sugary sweet rum. This is more of an organic, unique scent, but a pleasant taste for more experienced drinkers.
- anonymous, 31st Jul '10
This rum is very very smooth. You must sip slowly to appreciate all the facets of it's taste. The cane is subtle but perfectly hinted in this sweet rum. I am from Trinidad and never tasted it until recently. Frankly, I will never let this bottle go empty in my house. Delicious delicacy!
- Trini, 16th Mar '09
This rum is the best Ihave ever tasted. It does not have the harsh after taste that many others have. It is smooth and delicious rum, best drunk neat to appreciate the extra-fine taste.
- George Horne, 29th Mar '08
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