Royal Salute Hundred Cask Selection

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Royal Salute Hundred Cask Selection
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
A very special edition of Royal Salute, assembled by Chivas Brothers using 100 casks aged to perfection following up to forty years of cask maturation.
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(£165.83 ex. VAT)
Customer Reviews: (6 reviews)
This is a lovly blend and very smooth to drink. I have every series released from the inital to series 18. Just a fine product to have. Perth Australia
- H.I.M Perth, 8th January
what a beautiful decanter my favorite whisky royal salute just love it happy drinking!!!!!!!!
- sam singh wahiwala, 6th Dec '13
the best value for money this whisky delivers...its hard to find a replacement for this,
- saha, 26th Oct '11
An amazing blend with an amazing Wade Ceramics porcelain decanter. Two amazings for the price of one!Oliver in Yorkshire 4 March 2010
- anonymous, 4th Mar '11
me want some
- bruce of the brinny, 22nd May '08
A wish of the best whisky
- Marcio Carvalho, 24th Dec '07
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