Captain Morgan Private Stock Rum

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Captain Morgan Private Stock Rum
100cl / 40%
A very different prospect from the standard Captain Morgan, Private Stock has been made with a base of fine Puerto Rican rums and blended with spices and natural flavours for a deluxe version of one of the world's favourite spiced rums.
Not Available This product is currently out of stock. when this product is available.
Customer rating (45 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(45 reviews)
very good rum recommended 100%
- RICHARD JAMES, 30th August
Had this in the back of the cabinet- for 'special' for over 12 months, NO REGRETS opening it, so smooth, no mixer,no ice, straight from the bottle AHOY !!
- Drifterdiver, 7th August
This is the only rum that I can drink neat, or maybe with a piece of is lovely...and being a rum drinker I have tried every brand and this is by far the best...I just wish there was some in stock...
- Les M, 10th June
Such a good rum , cannot wait for it to come back into stock
- anonymous, 8th April
Incredible! Smoothest tasting rum I've ever drank. Few ice cubes and a large drop of this = perfection
- Brenton, Australia., 7th April
I can confirm that its an absolute crime to mix this drink! Smoothest tasting rum I've ever had, bar none.
- Paddy Ashton, 20th February
Nice with a ice cube a squeeze of lime and a little cream soda but also nice on its on after a long hard days slog
- Jason dawson, 30th January
"even for mixing"? Mixing this rum is a crime!! This rum should be enjoyed neat, end of story. Recommended? More than anything else. Please get it back in stock. Got too much blood in my alcoholstream.
- F Svane, Sweden, 11th January
This is the best rum ever for mixing. The taste is incredibly smooth.
- Dr. Rum, 8th Sep '13
I love this rum and can only find it on this site I have bought a few bottles and plan to get a few more
- anonymous, 7th Feb '13
I bought a bottle of this rum in the Caribbean last year and just opened it now. Lovely drop of rum. Not what I was expecting as its slightly sweeter than your standard rum. Recommend it.
- The Dude, 4th Feb '13
- anonymous, 22nd Dec '12
Absolutely loved this drink. Bought it my husband as I do not like spirits but i ended up drinking the bottle. Smooth and warm, nothing like Morgans Spiced like one other review stated!
- Beverley, 27th Nov '12
Without a doubt a marvalouse Rum. It's up there with my favorite Matsulam 15.
- Mike living in Spain., 20th Jul '12
A lovely rum, sat and finished the bottle with some friends in one go! We were just goimg to 'try it' and drank the lot. For the price a great drinker!
- Tony Birch, 28th May '12
A little guilty pleasure of mine . . . I normally drink "serious" rums like Zacapa and Havana 15 . . . taken with coke and loads of ice its perfect for BBQs and suchlike. Not clever or complex but really enjoyable.
- Barry, 28th Apr '12
Simply the best rum in the world!!!
- Jack, 17th Feb '12
Been a fan of the Captain for years. Mostly Original Spiced. I must say Private Stock is truly a fine rum. Stands very well on it's own or with a mix if you prefer. Very smooth taste with just a little kick. Thank you kindly Captain, the crew appreciates your effort's.
- M. Wadman Saint John's, Newfoundland, 15th Feb '12
Very nice entry, sweet caramel taste for a spiced rum. Worth having in your collection and will mix well in cocktails... plus its a huge 1ltr bottle!!
- anonymous, 7th Jan '12
I brought this with Alantico Private stock, both were excellent, but the Capt Morgans was a real treat. A very nice bottle to sit around the table with friends with (it will be empty, as everyone likes it sooo much). Given its price a bargin as was the Alantico!
- Tony., 1st Dec '11
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