Captain Morgan Private Stock Rum

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Captain Morgan Private Stock Rum
100cl / 40%
A very different prospect from the standard Captain Morgan, Private Stock has been made with a base of fine Puerto Rican rums and blended with spices and natural flavours for a deluxe version of one of the world's favourite spiced rums.
Not Available This product is currently out of stock. when this product is available.
Customer Reviews:(43 reviews)
This is the only rum that I can drink neat, or maybe with a piece of is lovely...and being a rum drinker I have tried every brand and this is by far the best...I just wish there was some in stock...
- Les M, 10th June
Such a good rum , cannot wait for it to come back into stock
- anonymous, 8th April
Incredible! Smoothest tasting rum I've ever drank. Few ice cubes and a large drop of this = perfection
- Brenton, Australia., 7th April
I can confirm that its an absolute crime to mix this drink! Smoothest tasting rum I've ever had, bar none.
- Paddy Ashton, 20th February
Nice with a ice cube a squeeze of lime and a little cream soda but also nice on its on after a long hard days slog
- Jason dawson, 30th January
"even for mixing"? Mixing this rum is a crime!! This rum should be enjoyed neat, end of story. Recommended? More than anything else. Please get it back in stock. Got too much blood in my alcoholstream.
- F Svane, Sweden, 11th January
This is the best rum ever for mixing. The taste is incredibly smooth.
- Dr. Rum, 8th Sep '13
I love this rum and can only find it on this site I have bought a few bottles and plan to get a few more
- anonymous, 7th Feb '13
I bought a bottle of this rum in the Caribbean last year and just opened it now. Lovely drop of rum. Not what I was expecting as its slightly sweeter than your standard rum. Recommend it.
- The Dude, 4th Feb '13
- anonymous, 22nd Dec '12
Absolutely loved this drink. Bought it my husband as I do not like spirits but i ended up drinking the bottle. Smooth and warm, nothing like Morgans Spiced like one other review stated!
- Beverley, 27th Nov '12
Without a doubt a marvalouse Rum. It's up there with my favorite Matsulam 15.
- Mike living in Spain., 20th Jul '12
A lovely rum, sat and finished the bottle with some friends in one go! We were just goimg to 'try it' and drank the lot. For the price a great drinker!
- Tony Birch, 28th May '12
A little guilty pleasure of mine . . . I normally drink "serious" rums like Zacapa and Havana 15 . . . taken with coke and loads of ice its perfect for BBQs and suchlike. Not clever or complex but really enjoyable.
- Barry, 28th Apr '12
Simply the best rum in the world!!!
- Jack, 17th Feb '12
Been a fan of the Captain for years. Mostly Original Spiced. I must say Private Stock is truly a fine rum. Stands very well on it's own or with a mix if you prefer. Very smooth taste with just a little kick. Thank you kindly Captain, the crew appreciates your effort's.
- M. Wadman Saint John's, Newfoundland, 15th Feb '12
Very nice entry, sweet caramel taste for a spiced rum. Worth having in your collection and will mix well in cocktails... plus its a huge 1ltr bottle!!
- anonymous, 7th Jan '12
I brought this with Alantico Private stock, both were excellent, but the Capt Morgans was a real treat. A very nice bottle to sit around the table with friends with (it will be empty, as everyone likes it sooo much). Given its price a bargin as was the Alantico!
- Tony., 1st Dec '11
Nice but over rated and no where near as Bacardi Spice Amber reserva
- anonymous, 26th Oct '11
Without doubt, this is the best rum I have ever tasted anywhere in the world. I wouldn't touch anything else after finding this rum. The smoothness and flavours can't be given any justice so try it for yourself. You'll be hooked!Best served on its own. If you like to mix it then don't buy any - you'll be wasting your money and the rum.
- Des J, 3rd Sep '11
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