Stewart's Cream Of The Barley

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Stewart's Cream Of The Barley
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
A world famous blend with a heritage stretching back to its initial production in 1831.
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Customer Reviews:(8 reviews)
a lovely whiskey but very hard to find these days
- anonymous, 20th February
One of the best blends IMHO, leaves the likes of Bells, Grouse, White & Mackay and Teachers in the distance. It has a bad reputation, but this is unjustified. Seems to be a bit more difficult to get these days. A good Scotch, not a fine malt, but it doesn't claim to be. A nice dram :)
- Kevie, 25th Oct '13
Well, we do ship to the US...
- TWE Admin, 30th Aug '11
given the choice this is the one i like most unfortunatly i cannot find it in the usa any suggestions
- bub, 30th Aug '11
great flavours, but burns your throat and belly a little too much for my taste.
- rogerbodger_123, 26th May '11
I had a bottle of Stewarts that my Father bought for his wedding in 1943. I opened it for my 65th birthday. Unfortunately it tasted like water but it's a great story. The aprty we had was great also!
- richward46 04/06/2011 USA, 7th Apr '11
This was the whisky that got me hooked. It seems hard to get hold of now. Easy to drink and far preferable to the usual Bell's, Teachers etc
- matt13, 13th Oct '09
One of the first Whiskys I enjoyed, when I was young and drinking Whisky to put myself into a coma.I haven't drunk it in a while. But from memory it is creamy and sour tasting. It's not too sophisticated, if you know what I mean.
- ARealScot, 7th Aug '09
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