Vat 69

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Vat 69
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
VAT 69 is a famous old brand of blended whisky, chosen by Sir Ernest Shackleton to accompany him on his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914 'for medicinal and celebratory purposes', and also famously the favourite whisky of Captain Lewis Nixon of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, immortalised in the book and TV series Band of Brothers.
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Customer Reviews:(56 reviews)
Don't forget that in the classic "Twelve O'clock High", Gregory Peck drank a glass with his CO.
- L Granos, 30th March
One could find a bottle of Vat69 in every bar in California in the 60's. The old saying was that one had to "acquire a taste for scotch". After my first scotch on the rocks (Vat69) I was hooked. Soon after I began to take it "neat". This may sound crazy but in England they often drank it with a coke back.
- anonymous, 4th Dec '13
I am reading all these blogs about finding out about this great whiskey from the movie series Band of Brothers. And I cannot believe how I agree with all of you that that is the exact way I came about this whiskey. I have now enjoy it for the last 8 years. I adore it screaming at and its lack of throat pain as it goes down. It will be one of my favorite Scottish blends for a long time to come.
- anonymous, 23rd Nov '13
Not ashamed to say learned about Vat 69 from BoB. For the everyday drink this has been the default go to whisky you can pick up without calling the bank manager first, ever since.
- Fish-Man, 20th Sep '13
A beautiful blend. Even my friends who don't like whisky enjoy a taste of this as it's smooth and creamy. I always keep a few bottles at home and look forward to winter walks with my hip flask
- Chris, 16th Sep '13
An awesome whisky. I have been enjoying this since 2001,have drank many a litre at rock festivals A++++ a quality drink
- anonymous, 21st Feb '13
I too found out about this through Band of Brothers but I cant wait to try it! Plus I think its really arrogant to say 'I have known about this for years' and 'I didnt find out about this through Band of Brothers' who cares! You have to find out about it somehow, you weren't born with VAT69 lodged in your brain! Sorry, rant over.
- anonymous, 12th Dec '12
wow what a good whiskey there is only one whiskey and that is scotish,others may be ok i have been up to tobermory and had some good sessions up there well worth it try drinking it in the land where it comes from wow !
- lorence seymour-hayward , 20th Nov '12
we friend just ordered a bottle, for me its my 1st time to try it. I cant just wait!!!
- anonymous, 8th Nov '12
Vat 69 is one of the brands kept behind the Lounge Bar in Fawlty Towers.
- DB Smith, 15th May '12
anonymous from Oct '11: before you attacked the "fishing expedition" commenter, maybe you should have actually understood what he said. WE are the ones he meant were on the expedition. All he said was that it was in the show; he said nothing concerning the accuracy of it. Before you admonish somebody to "learn their facts" maybe you should learn a bit of reading comprehension? Anyway... I'm very interested to try this, which is how I found the page. Good to know it's not cost prohibitive.
- anonymous, 25th Jan '12
Im ordering 8 bottles for my brother my cuz and myself we have wanted to try it for awhile so we cant wait to try it
- Cody Lyden , 26th Dec '11
VAT 69 is a very nice basic blended whisky.Simple,yes,but very enjoyable one.VAT 69 is sweet,smooth and medium bodied whisky with no alcohol burn. Best straight and neat.I any case i would buy VAT 69 over Bell`s and Grants family reserve.
- Tom The Steeley, 30th Nov '11
It wasn't a "fishing expedition" it was historical fact. LT. Nix's favorite whiskey to quench his drinking problem was Vat 69, my great uncle was in the 506 with him and remembered that fact clearly. Learn your facts people.
- anonymous, 19th Oct '11
I've had a good deal of different whiskeys, tried each region apart from Japanese, and Vat 69 was pretty good. Not my favorite, but for a 'common' whiskey it is very good. I prefer Ardbeg 10y... thats some reeal stuff.
- Alko, 19th Sep '11
I much prefer to see a full one.
- whisky lover, 26th Aug '11
a good scotch whisky!! try it!!
- anonymous, 16th Jul '11
A full flavour and big mouthfeel but something a bit cheap and oversweet and cloyingly synthetic about it. In the same price range Teachers is equally full flavoured but much better balanced and Grant's is blander but more authentic and innofensive. Unless you are about to be shot to bits in a bunker and can't get hold of anything better I would say VAT 69 is best avoided.
- Kelly, 14th May '11
I am 64 years old and remember VAT 69 as one of the most popular brands in the UK in the 50's
- anonymous, 26th Mar '11
a famous old brand alright. i am currently sipping a bottle of vat 69 which my late grandfather, then a german air force officer, brought home from france in 1940 after the british had left it behind as they fled via dunkirk. it survived untouched in my family’s cellar for seven decades. a cool old bottle, the seal had long fallen off and the cork fell to dust as i tried to pull it. great old whisky and seems more smokey/peaty than i think i remember today’s vat 69. might get one to compare…
- anonymous, 19th Mar '11
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