White Horse

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White Horse
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
Another brand with a long and illustrious history, named after a famous Edinburgh hostelry. Containing around 40% malt whisky, White Horse has a pleasing honeyed palate accompanied by peaty undertones.
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Customer Reviews:(23 reviews)
The Quality of Black Bottle has been getting worse recently, as well as Teachers.so this is best bang for your buck blend now. Unless you pay a big extra and get JW Black label.
- anonymous, 27th Feb '13
A simple, pleasant blend. Fairly sweet but not cloying, a touch of smoke. Easy to drink but doesn't taste "cheap". Definitely good value. Of course, if you're looking for something deep and complex, this is not it.
- anonymous, 26th Feb '13
"Nose" Touch of sherry, prunes and the citrus notes of over-ripe blood oranges. "Palate": Smooth, viscous, mouth-coating, creamy body. Blood oranges, buttery shortbread cookies, slight sherry, counter balanced by wild honey, lemon zest and very subtle peat and smoke. "Finish": Nice smokey finish with great malt notes. Hmm! Ginger and salty pretzel too.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 22nd May '12
10 years ago i rec'd an old bottle of White Horse from my folks. I used to hate whiskey, drank only bourbon. But I love this stuff! It's simply delicious. Maybe my tastes have changed. I see here a 1960's bottle is almost $400! The serial # on my bottle is lower than that one! I think it was already open when I got it, but I really can’t remember for sure. If it was open, it was almost full.
- Larry Gladsden, 28th Feb '12
My dad introduced me to this after being asingle malt bore, and ws I impressed...all that richness and complexity at a fair price. and it dilutes well(which many blended procutcs don't achieve).
- anonymous, 5th Oct '11
Its Great Thank u White Horse
- Babi, 23rd May '10
Whisky que j'appr?cie particuli?rement.. Introuvable en boutique ! Pourquoi ?
- Groisillier Martine, 8th Apr '10
White Horse is one nice cheap whisky. Spirity, slightly burnt but not sooty. The malt content has a good unique flavor that didn't offend my taste buds. I had fun drinking this stuff little by little.
- Steve, 19th Mar '10
Looked for it the last 30 years since i made aquintance to this fine special brand. Last week found in Italy in every liquorshop !!! What a day
- Paul, Amsterdam, 28th Feb '10
just went to the shop and he ran out of the £8.99 70cl whiskey and he looked around and saw a bottle that had dust on it and it was this and said it was mine for £10 i took him up on the offer
- Gareth cardiff, 10th Feb '10
I have loved this brand for years, but why has the label changed and the Lagavulin content eliminated and the age given is three years. Sounds like a cheapening in the works to me.
- Dick W. Connecticut, USA, 2nd Jan '10
Smoky,peaty,smooth,honey sweet but kind of watery. Light,short aftertaste but pleasant. In skandinavia expensive (state monopoly) 23 pounds. But in England good value for the money. Recommendable.
- Tom The Steeley, 16th Dec '09
Great Brand
- anonymous, 26th Nov '09
Fantastic blend, along with "Black Bottle" this is the best blend for its price point, its better than a lot of Scotch that costs twice the price.Beware of adding any more than a few drops of water.
- anonymous, 20th Nov '09
hard to find in our area step fathers favourite whisky.
- anonymous, 11th Nov '09
What a super star whisky,one all time classic that will live with me till the gravereminds me and takes me back to the days of the party six......
- pilgrim221, 25th May '09
A white horse walks into a pub, we've got a Whisky named after you says the landlord - what Eric? says the horse
- anonymous, 22nd May '09
Superb blend. It has become a regular order for me. Somebody new to whisky would do well to avoid this though - that "whisky taste" is at its powerful best here.
- matt13, 12th May '09
I hear you jas. This drink has changed my life.
- Big Goose, 20th Apr '09
so good i named my cousin after it!
- Jas, 13th Apr '09
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