Nikka From The Barrel Gift Pack

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Nikka From The Barrel Gift Pack
50cl / 51.4%
Japanese Blended Whisky
A great gift - not only do you get a bottle of the fantastic Nikka 'From the Barrel', but it comes in a nice presentation pack with a pourer and two smart glasses to drink it from! Picked up the top prize in its category at the World Whisky Awards 2010.

World Whiskies Awards
World Whiskies Awards 2010 - Best Japanese Blended Whisky (NAS)
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Customer Reviews:(7 reviews)
Really like the whisky, great flavour!
- anonymous, 15th May
The small bottle is perfect for suitcases when working abroad. Over the years I've noticed the blend has certainly varied with a smoky undercurrent, sometimes more sugared almonds, usually bourbon notes, but always surprisingly excellent. Just don't expect a 'scotch' experience.
- trousersnake, 14th February
An excellent slow sipping japanese blend. A higher alcohol volume really makes a difference, especially comparing to scottish blends.
- Mikko, 28th Jan '13
Not just superlative value for money, but a truly great whisky regardless of price. I like this one more each time I try it. It's now one of my all time faves.
- aw, 12th Apr '12
One of the best blends I ever had. And for this price it is a beater!
- Povilas, 8th Nov '11
Truly remarkable stuff - multidimensional
- lapin rouge, 27th Nov '10
An absolut must try among japanese beauties, for beginners and connoisseurs. This is basically a 12 y.o. blend. Incredibly generous and well balanced, oaky, smoky and fruity.Forget your regular scottish blend as your regular Bourbon, its replaces both !Scores from 95 to 97 /100 regarding diff. batches, yes ! I'm not kidding, this is great, and has a lot of YOICHI distillery whisky in it, for our pleasure !
- Greg from Paris (a new whisky writer), 24th May '09
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