Siete Leguas Blanco Tequila

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Siete Leguas Blanco Tequila
70cl / 40%
A phenomenal smooth, spicy blanco. Siete Leguas means 'seven leagues' and was the name of Pancho Villa's favourite horse. The company that produces Siete Leguas is most famous for having produced Patron at the time when that brand was building its reputation as the best premium tequila in town. Not cheap, but a must-have for tequila nuts.
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Customer Reviews:(3 reviews)
@Yiannis: Unfortunately, products like Siete Leguas won't be as cheap as in their native country. After the addition of import taxes and vat, the price is much higher. Having said that, we are still very competitively priced on all our tequilas.
- TWE Admin, 14th Oct '13
"it's not cheap but...". Lol, yes, it's not cheap just because somebody decided to charge more for it in the UK, just like that. In good old Mexico it costs just as much as any other "basic" blanco like Herradura or Don Julio...Of course I fully expect to have my comment hidden as we probably don't want people to know the truth:)
- Yiannis, 13th Oct '13
My wife and I had the priviledge to sip some drinks made with SL Blanco in Arandas, Mexico (home to Siete Leguas distillery) in a bar that really reminds one of the old western films. We were steared upon like aliens but well received after talking some spanish with the locals. The bartender mixed richly of Siete Leguas with fresh toronja juice and a couple of ice cubes. Best drink I have ever had!Give this blanco a chance. It wont let you down.
- El curtidor, 11th Jan '11
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