Pusser's Navy Rum / 15 Year Old

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Pusser's Navy Rum / 15 Year Old
70cl / 40%
A recent bottling from a historic brand, the original of which is based on the recipe for the official rum that was given as a tot to sailors in the British Navy. Pusser's is traditionally dark and strong, however this version is a more standard 40% abv. A bargain for a rum of this age and provenance.
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Simon Difford for Class Magazine

Clear, deep burnished copper amber with bronze flecks.

Prunes, sherry and treachle with cedar wood, cinnamon and a whiff of old-fashioned oil paint.

Full bodied, slightly sweet palate with prunes toffee, cedar wood and spicy vanilla oak, brazil nuts and sherry.

Balsamic and sherry with lingering dry oaky cinnamon spice.

Diffordsguide Rating - 4.5/5

Customer Reviews:(6 reviews)
Out of the over 20 types of rum I've tried, Pusser's makes it to #1 for me, in both taste and fascinating history. I'm just after a shot of the 15 year old stuff and I try to save it only for special occasions, but I'll allow one more this evening. Cheers! To Pusser's, to Nelson's Blood, to Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, and to the British Navy! Here's a neat shot to ye! The ONLY proper way to enjoy Pusser's in my humble opinion ;)
- Norman, 9th March
My 90 year old father-in-law drinks this neat....he also likes the 15 year old.....what an old sea dog.
- Cheers, 30th Nov '12
I do not remember my tot ever being like this,,, smoooth
- Jossman, 18th May '12
Quite sweet tasting, fruity, with a mild bitterness. I find the taste and aroma somewhat unusual compared to other rums (angostura, havana club, black seal, and a demerara rum of some sort). I managed to get hold of a couple of minatures, and although quite interesting, i dont think i'd buy it again anytime soon.
- Batman, 7th Oct '10
A really tasty rum! Smoother and better flavoured then the normal Pusser's rum; the ageing makes all the difference!
- alex, 10th Nov '09
For a 15 Year old Rum it is smooth and very drinkable. Like the younger one it tastes of burnt sugar and treacle.
- The Doctor, 23rd May '09
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