Highland Park 18 Year Old

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Highland Park 18 Year Old
70cl / 43%
Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
One of our all-time favourites, this has to be one of the most consistently excellent malt whiskies of the last ten years. Showered with awards and praise from all quarters, it was named as 'Best Spirit in the World' by F. Paul Pacult of the Spirit Journal in 2005. Unfailingly excellent, especially after a good meal.
Whisky Bible 2011: Single Malt Scotch of the Year 16-21 Years; 95.5 Points

"After 25 years' experience, it fits my profile of what makes a perfect whisky, which is to say it's totally in harmony, there are no rough edges and everything is melded together brilliantly." Paul Pacult
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Gavin D Smith for Whisky Advocate

Introduced to the Highalnd Park portfolio in 1997. Gentle peat, soft toffee, floral notes, and honey on the beautifully fragrant nose. Superbly balanced on the velvety palate, with brittle toffee, stewed fruits, peat honey, and a hint of coffee. Smoke and more toffee and mingle in the long, elegant finish.

94 Points

Producer's Tasting Notes

Colour: Natural colour, burnished gold, clear and bright.

Aroma: Rich, mature oak, top note of aromatic smoke.

Taste: Rich, full flavour; honey and peat.

Finish: Soft, round and long

Comments: Highland Park 18 Year Old is an exceptionally fine whisky that builds on the world-class reputation already enjoyed by the 12 Year Old.

All the Orcadian hallmarks of Highland Park are here - the smokiness, the peat, the heather-honey - plus it has gained a glorious richness and spiciness through its longer cask maturation.

Its elegance and smoothness make the 18 year old a delight to the malt whisky connoisseur.

Customer Reviews:(23 reviews)
Color: Gold tan Nose: Sweet grain. Softer than the 12 and 16. Lighter peat but still has influence. Cherry stones and toffee sweet sourness. Taste: Praline sherried walnuts! Chocolatey light black liquorish. Cherry stone syrup and nip of heat from alcohol. Finish! Sweetness fades to cinnamon spice, liquorish savory with ribbons of sherry sourness and sweet peat stank! Good Stuff! 91 Pts.
- anonymous, 9th Dec '13
tried this at the whiskey exchange show..it was 1 0f 4 of my personal favourites. if you like smooth mellow and no harsh medicial after taste , then this is your winner..
- jordan, 6th Oct '13
A beautiful whisky,,,,to good to share!
- Rick., 22nd Nov '12
The best
- JJF, 17th Nov '12
If you enjoy whisky not buying this incredible single malt is doing yourself a major disservice, especially at this price.
- Mke, 20th Jun '12
Balance. Just pure balance. I could drink this forever. If you haven't had it you must. I can't say more.. except Sláinte!
- anonymous, 2nd Dec '11
This is the 12 yo taken to massive heights. It is balanced, offers incredible complexity and lingers on the palate for a long time. It's great value for money as well, delivering what very few whiskies at the same price point can.
- PR, 20th Nov '11
Over the last 25 years, I've tasted whisky from about 60% of the working distilleries in Scotland, most of the blends, and a handful of Japanese and American whiskies. Highland Park 18 YO is simply the greatest whisky I have ever tasted. Magnificent nose, a palate that is both complex and balanced, and a finish like no other. a sublime experience bottle after bottle.
- Tim --California, USA, 13th Jul '11
The balance is the key to the glory of this whisky. The fruit, honey and smoke exist in perfect harmony. It's amazing that not only do they create such a balance, but can reproduce it consistently from bottle to bottle. Bravo!
- Ricky P.- Wisconsin, United States, 15th Jun '11
Tasted this while on a couple of days holiday at the Forest Hills Hotel Loch Aird. I can only say it was superb, with sherry,Honey,and a very light peaty taste.haveing taken the twelve year old for a number of years this is ten times better.
- Eddie G, 1st Apr '11
I love all types of whisky: sherried, smoky, peaty, briney, floral, honeyed, spicy - you name it, if it is a good version of its genre, I will happily drink it. This one has all these things - in balance. None dominate, all blend together. It is a bit like some of the better Japanese whiskies - but seems a tad more authentic and a lot cheaper! £50 very well spent!
- Cav66, 30th Mar '11
Perfect, a beautiful dram!
- JP, 28th Feb '11
An easygoing single malt with smoke, salt and sweetness all in a perfect balance. Indeed, unless you heavily dislike smokiness or saltiness, you'll certainly find Highland Park 18yo at least drinkable. However, whether or not you'll love it will depend fully on how much you appreciate this kind of smoothness. Personally, I tend to prefer more adventurous, rougher whiskies. 8 out of 10
- VM, 14th Jan '11
While this one is too good to (care to) describe, I will try... The smell: stables and leather, glue, autumn leaves. The taste: nuts, smoky wood, vanilla, a pinch of ginger and peat; sweet but not too sweet.Awesome.
- Audrius Dargužis, 11th Jan '11
Totally agree with Tudval. This is a very good malt, but what is wrong with rough edges? If I want something easy going I'll buy a bottle of blended.
- Mikko, 4th Nov '10
Palate (undiluted): Rich, luxurious honey/toffee flavors interwoven with nuts, spicy cinnamon, pretzel salt and the perfect hint of peat fill the palate. A chewy dram drying towards the finish. No sharp edges here. No bite, bitterness or burn here. Peat is present but not overwhelming or dominating. It compliments the flavor profile only. Finish undiluted): A big, rounded finish of lingering smoke, spices verging on peppercorns.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 21st Aug '10
HP 18yo is excellent! Has the most beautiful vintage floral fruity nose, and it won't disappoint on the taste. Gives a surprising fire burn, then off to smoother notes again. Just a beautiful dram!
- Lena Nunn, 25th Feb '10
I must disagree with most reviews. I don't mind rough edges and I sometimes prefer younger whiskies to old. This is one such case. True, it's extremely smooth, but also a bit too sweet for me. More of a dessert, it has it's place, but one cannot say 'it's the best' or 'you cannot go wrong'.
- Tudval, 27th Jan '10
We all want smoke and umber and fire..but this is the best of all rolled into one. there is the deep golden "here comes the sun"colour. the taste is that of the rarest sweetest honey. But it's also got depth. the only downside of this whiskey is that having tasted it my love of all others has declined. Its rather like meeting cheryl cole.Simply the best.
- Harpreet Singh, 23rd Nov '09
- anonymous, 14th Oct '09
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