Glenlivet 25 Year Old / XXV

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Glenlivet 25 Year Old / XXV
70cl / 43%
Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A super-premium entry in Glenlivet's range, this has been finished for a couple of years in Oloroso casks - so an extra depth of flavour and silky sweetness is the order of the day. "The Oloroso Sherry influence meshes beautifully with The Glenlivet’s signature sweet, floral, honey and malt notes, giving a nutty spiciness and quite intensely fruity palate, with raisins to the fore. The finish embraces steadily drying oak. A rich, complex and satisfying after dinner dram." Gavin D. Smith,
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Customer Reviews:(20 reviews)
Great whiskey, glenlivet xx v
- Bawa hs, 29th Oct '13
Wow. Simply superb.
- Catawba Island Ohio, 19th May '13
I usually drink the 18 with friends. Yesterday I had the 25 and it was an incredible experience. The flavor was outstanding
- anonymous, 2nd Jan '13
The quality of this dram is not lost at any level. The box is almost like an intriguing puzzle box and the enclosed certificate signed by distillery, warehouse and quality control key figures in addition to the Master Distiller signing the bottle adds to the mystique of this bottle.
- anonymous, 8th Dec '12
Estamos tomando el 25, por primera vez con mi marido, y lo estamos disfrutando. Regalo de su hija a él, para sus 60. Gra y Richard.
- anonymous, 26th Nov '12
perfect for any Vet. coming back home
- anonymous, 12th Aug '12
drinking this was an intriguing experience...I was reminded very strongly of amantillado, no doubt due to the sherry casks. it took a good while for this whiskey to grow on only other super-premium experience was with JW Blue. At length, though, this whiskey grew on me...wonderful play of flavors, mostly based on the sherry, and an absolutely luxuriant finish :)
- Phil B., 8th Dec '11
Paul hatchett. You're 81, why wait?
- Blank, 24th Sep '11
best damn scotch i've ever had. Alot of flavor and a smooth finish. What more do you want.
- Jameson, 18th Jan '11
One of my favourite single malts. Very easy to drink neat, reveals a lot in a warmed snifter!Presentation box is beautiful. Just finished my bottle and will certainly be getting another
- Pav, 23rd Dec '10
this is the finest Scotch I have ever tasted, and I have tasted more than a few! Perfect balance of superb taste ,balance, and smoothness .. nothing like it. Gift from my son.. great son, huh? tb
- tb, 6th Jul '10
The best Scotch I have ever had. Smooth neet, no ice is needed to enjoy the great whisksy. A bottle does not last long around my house.
- Martin Bull, 20th May '10
Have not tried my XXV yet. still working on my 21 yr bottle. i am hesitant to open it. my son gave it to me on my 81st birthday. think i will just look at it for a while.
- Paul Hatchett, 3rd Feb '10
- anonymous, 6th Jan '10
The first time I tried the 18 year old I knew that was the scotch for me... then I tried the 25. Hands down the most perfect sipper I've had to date...
- Mike in I.C., 5th Jan '10
OCT. 9,2009EXCELLENT with extra depth offlavour,sweet floral and honey.
- MarvinG, 9th Oct '09
I was actually a little disappointed. Tastes like Glen Livet, nice and smooth, but the finish is very, very short.
- Chin Ho, 3rd Aug '09
in germany you have a change to drink in The George Hotel HamburgBest regards Giovanni Bar Manager
- Giovanni, 14th Mar '09
All our sales are charged in British pounds (GBP), Lukas. Speak to your card-issuing bank about the exchange rate they would charge (and any fees for oversaes transactions)
- TWE Admin, 16th Feb '09
Hi!What cost this bottle with this Box(in €)?I'm live in Germany.
- Lukas Dudek , 11th Feb '09
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