Old Overholt

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Old Overholt
75cl / 40%
Straight Rye Whiskey
A very old brand of rye, originally made in Pennsylvania but now bottled in Kentucky by Fortune Brands, owners of Jim Beam.
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Customer Reviews: (3 reviews)
How can you go wrong with Doc Holiday's favorite tipple! Nuff said.
- Darence, 14th Jul '12
This is truly a treasure and beats bourbon any time. And I'd rather it remain an obscure brand, that's produced in small batches for a limited audience of true believers.
- anonymous, 12th Jun '11
A smooth drinking rye. From the days of the Whiskey Rebellion until Prohibition in the U.S., when one ordered a glass of straight whiskey you received a glass of rye. I'm told this is good example of what most whiskey distilled outside of Kentucky and Tennesse was like. However, what I can tell you is that Old Overholt has a great flavor, spicy without being sweet or smokey like Bourbon or Tennesee whiskey. A favorite of mine for over a dozen years!
- Homicide MD, 17th Sep '08
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