Knappogue Castle 1995

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Knappogue Castle 1995
70cl / 40%
Irish Single Malt Whiskey
The latest vintage in this award-winning series of Irish single malts was distilled by Bushmils in 1995 and bottled in 2007, the oldest release to date. Bottled without artificial colouring, Knappogue Castle's unique, crisp clean flavour varies from vintage to vintage.
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More Details:
CountryIrelandBottling StatusDiscontinuedVintage1995Cask TypeBourbon
Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes

Colour: Pale golden color, derived entirely from long maturation in bourbon oak casks.

Aroma: Very well balanced, clean fresh citrus and floral notes, complex mellow aromas of malt, perfumy oils, honey/vanilla with medium intensity. Touch of toasted wood also.

Taste: Really mellow and well rounded, very well balanced, medium intensity, sweetish complex taste incorporating the aromas above—malt, citrus, vanilla, perfumy oils, definite toasted wood notes.

Comments: The 1995 Knappogue has more bourbon barrel wood character than the 1994, which serves to increase the taste complexity and makes the whiskey that bit more mellow and rounded. Malt whiskey purists will sometimes argue that malts are best matured in old, many times used casks to minimize the wood influence on the malt, thus allowing the “true distillery character” to be clearly tasted. However, others will argue that the interaction of the pure malt spirit with the wood extractives available in a fairly fresh cask will serve to add to the overall taste experience—since it adds to the complexity of the taste—and this would be my own view. I think the Knappogue Castle 1995, with its greater wood influence is a nicely judged advance from the 1994 in terms of its overall taste experience.

"A very refreshing and mellow malt with excellent complexity of taste."

Barry Walsh, writer and consultant whiskey blender Whiskey Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2005 Malt Advocate magazine’s Industry Leader of the Year 2003

Customer Reviews:(9 reviews)
Not bad at all. It's a nice trade-off from my typical "go-to" Middleton Very Rare.
- Seamus O'Day, 1st May '13
gorgeous, peach fruity, light, very drinkable
- beamer, 9th Apr '13
A lively and floral whiskey, more optimistic than its serious and sometimes dour and peaty Scottish counterparts. My new favorite.
- anonymous, 24th Dec '12
I enjoy the "less-smoky, "less-peaty", lighter Scotch whiskeys and thought I would try the Knappogue based on its color alone. It was a chance well taken. Very enjoyable, light, but with some punch. And the color just looks nice in the glass.
- Joseph Peter Myers, 25th Sep '12
Very nice surprise. In one way it is typical Irish, lighter (possibly due to triple distillation), but on the other hand it has a nice sturdy bitterness that complements and balances out the lightness. Tastes more powerful than the stated 40% ABV would lead one to believe.
- anonymous, 2nd Dec '11
bought a bottle in Ennis 5 minutes from the castle , normally a scotch man but loved this , light , sweet and will be back for more
- Nick Hartley, 5th Jan '11
A lovely dram ! A nice floral taste with some great fullness. yhe bourbon cask has done it again !!
- John Corcoran, 5th May '10
Just brilliant, what more can one say?
- Brendan, 6th Mar '10
A light,clean,crisp whiskey yet full and mellow - not like Irish whiskey !!! much more like an unpeated Scottish single malt.
- macasparoff, 2nd Oct '08
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