Dalmore 12 Year Old

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Dalmore 12 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A recent batch of Dalmore 12, along with a smart packaging revamp. This new 12 year old is very impressive even by Dalmore's high standards.
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More Details:
CountryScotlandRegionHighlandBottlerDistillery BottlingAge12 Year Old
Customer Reviews:(32 reviews)
Had this after tasting many of Scotchs but was impressed. Prefer Dalmore 15y much more, which is more complex and tasty. Get 15y instead.
- Willy, 29th March
This is a lovely whiskey! smooth, easy drinking and not overwhelming. great for any one new to whiskey. Its does not have a long lasting taste, I feel it would be a lot better if it were bit stronger abv %. That aside you cannot go wrong with this Whiskey.
- The Oxford Whiskey Doctor., 15th March
Bought this for my father in law for xmas gorgeousness
- anonymous, 14th January
Do not like anything except my gin however I had this as my introductory to scotch and I am addicted. I don't like many whiskeys and was very skeptical however its damn good.
- First timer, 18th Oct '13
Absolutely lovely dram. A touch of liquorice on the palate, a slight sting as it goes down with the sherry lingering. Deffo recommend this one.
- Jason, Newport, 25th Nov '12
I'm a novice, but i really enjoyed this one. The perfect end to a perfect day!
- Rick., 22nd Nov '12
Am I going mad or has anybody else tasted a sort of clean, fresh hint of poached salmon in this?! Yes, I did say "poached salmon".
- matt13, 26th Jul '12
A pretty decent malt when you get a good bottle, had this quite a few time before and the quality can slip, some bottles have tasted nothing like each other, there is definetly a issue with consistency at Dalmore, but when you get a good bottle it's a very nice dram, would like to see it at 46% with no colouring aswell.
- Paddy, Edinburgh, 2nd Jul '12
The only single malt I've tried that MIGHT be a better value than a very good blend.
- anonymous, 3rd Feb '12
Amazing! I like to drink my scotch with a little ice but i really enjoy this one neat.
- rob Collins, 9th Jan '12
just been gifted a bottle and will try soon..
- anonymous, 23rd Oct '11
"Nose": Damp leaves, moist earth, like a walk through the forest after rainfall. "Palate": Initially, sweet taste of Oloroso sherry is delivered. Taste of orange zest and pomegranate soon follow. "Finish": Drying across the palate with a nice flourish of spice. Great warmth, as it disappears from the palate leaving in its wake: subtle Virginia tobacco smoke and dusty oak.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 15th Oct '11
I am not a Whiskey connoisseur. This is one of the best I have tasted. I have a few single malts in my list and this tops the list. The taste is so smooth and the smell of the whiskey when you open the bottle makes me drool. As many have suggested, do not put anything to it (may be on the rocks, but do not add anything), take a sip and you will see how good it is.
- RajP, 17th Sep '11
Super smooth, toffee nose, complex taste, with a long sweet(ish) finish. Rather reminds me of a Glenfiddich 15 Year Old. Whatever you do, don't add water. This whisky has such a 'wide' and openly smooth texture, it doesn't need any water to open it up any more, as it were. Enjoy!
- anonymous, 24th Aug '11
An autumnal whisky! Darker than expected when liberated from the box which suggests portwood or spirit created from a stream so peaty that it runs a viscous brown,but this is not matched by the nose or taste.The rising aroma is of muscovado sugar. This continues to a taste of reduced daylight, mist, damp earth and dew laden late season acorns. While this whisky doesn't lift its kilt and scream freedom, its the natural splash to reach for if you wish to slouch in a chair and watch falling leaves. Posted by: The Bracknell Whisky Society
- anonymous, 18th Jul '11
recieved my bottle yesterday. I havent as yet opened it.. but I eagerly await the right moment.
- Jon Ramsey, 15th Jun '11
This is great stuff, Gerard
- anonymous, 8th May '11
My fav whisky at the end of a hard days stalking in Scotland. Perfect drink to end a perfect day
- Spoony, 1st May '11
My favourite in this price range by a considerable margin. Depth of flavour, slightly sweet and a hint of nuttiness.Full bodied, well rounded and smooth.Found this better neat. adding water muddied the flavour a little for me. Its light and easy enough to drink without
- Marc, 26th Mar '11
This is a very tasty dram. Huge sherry notes. Very well rounded.
- Dan, 15th Mar '11
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