Dalmore 15 Year Old

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Dalmore 15 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A favourite expression in the Dalmore stable, this 15-year-old is elegant and smooth, with lipsmacking texture and the flawless balance one would expect from blending maestro Richard Paterson.
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More Details:
CountryScotlandRegionHighlandBottlerDistillery BottlingAge15 Year Old
Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Stuart

Nose: Soft and v approachable. Dried fruit

Palate: Very rich, with dried fruit, nuts and Christmas cake notes

Finish: Rather odd! Very sweet and raisiny.

Customer Reviews:(24 reviews)
Hmm, as smooth as a Highland loch on a still summer's evening, with a golden sunset hue to boot. Sherry-like, smooth, honeyed, but witj more than enough oomph for this palate. I'll be at the distillery soon to undertake in-depth research and analysis. Cheers!
- Mike Collins, 27th Jun '13
This is excellent. I purchased this, due to owning a Macallan 18 year Old and not wanting to finish it too quickly due to its price! The Dalmore is an excellent sherry oaked Whisky and has not disappointed me after the quite amazing Macallan 18.. Be warned that it would not suit those who like their Whisky to pack a punch and the finish is quite short. However for me personally this is a delicious dram. Very very good and very smooth!
- Jonathan W, 23rd Jun '13
Just getting into Whisky as would have to say that is this the best whisky's that I've ever tried. It's beautiful .. Dalmore, you have a customer for life !!
- James Westley, 26th Feb '13
If you are into sherry-flavored scotch, this one is for your. Not as refined and subtle as the 18yo, but very rewarding.
- Pat Bateman, 13th Nov '12
Beautiful, deep, dark, fruity, lasting flavours. Sit in front of the log fire in winter and enjoy!!!
- Jason, 26th Sep '12
Lovely whisky, smooth, sweet, oily, reminds me of crème brûlée. Noses beyond its years for me but not without some minor imperfections and the finish is shorter than I anticipated. Comes at a bit of a premium when compared to Lagavulin 16 or Glenlivet Nadurra for example.
- bifter, 28th Aug '12
A very tasty and complex 15yr old. Great value for money
- Pete, 5th Apr '12
Yes there's depth and character but it's swamped by the sherry wood. Interesting whisky right enough but not one I'd go back to. I do like their 12 year old though.
- Gordon Reeves, 22nd Feb '12
Truely a work of art, the nicest whisky I have ever tried at 15 years and great value for money.
- anonymous, 5th Dec '11
This one is very complex for its young age, a must try for all sherry cask lovers
- anonymous, 29th Aug '11
The 12 y old is one of my favourite drams, but found this just a little to sweet and with less kick for my liking.
- anonymous, 25th Aug '11
Sent a bottle Australia for my brother and sister in law for christmas 2010 Superb whisky hard to find in NSW went down a treat at new year very morish Trisha Dodd Sydney NSW Australia
- anonymous, 22nd May '11
It's good to see that reviewers here clearly know what they're talking about. I did a VIP Dalmore distillery tour, thanks to my wife as a wedding present, and some of the staff there think this is slightly nicer than the 18. Obviously that accounts for personal preference, but evidence suggests that the 15 must be up there with the very best. I want one - please Santa!
- Steve R, 9th Jan '11
Awwh! This was sensationally boosted!
- Sawyer Jigsaw, 26th Nov '10
This is an exceptional scotch and is much better than the Glenfarclas 15 yr old. Both are heavily sherried but the Dalmore has more body and is smoother. I think Dalmore is really making a big move up in my book.
- Jim Gibbs, 14th Nov '10
- Ole j.Finstad, 16th Oct '10
Smooth, very easy drinking. Perhaps more orange than sherry. No sharpness or acidity. As someone else said - seductive. Too easy to drink, it'll take you by surprise.
- Nick Hannam, 23rd Sep '10
First of all, I'm a huge Dalmore fan. This was very polite - almost too polite. Thankfully it's charming and elegant enough to get away with it. The sherry is big and winey but not overpowering like in some Speys (I love that too!). Excellent and complex. Dalmore should bump it up to 46% for those who want a bit more bite though.
- Mr Claw, 4th Jul '10
Totally blown away by the 15yo. The 12yo was wonderful, but this is so fragrant and gentle. Compared it to some other siingle malts very nice 15yo I've had in for 10 years, and this was so mellow and rich in flavour. Especially popular with my wife, who described it as a cross between brandy and whisky.
- SAW, 15th Dec '09
This newish 15 yo is quite simply superb. Dalmore just seems to produce better and better malts! More sherry than the 12 yo but beautifully balanced with an incredible smooth finish. I am working my way through the Dalmore offerings and look forward to the new 18yo.
- trebor, 20th Nov '09
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