Antica Formula Carpano Vermouth

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Antica Formula Carpano Vermouth
100cl / 16.5%
From Carpano, home of the first ever vermouth, this highly sought-after red vermouth is made to an original recipe dating from 1786. Your Manhattans will never be the same again.
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Tim F

Nose:  Rich and deep, with baked oranges, fruit compote, raspberry, dried mixed peel, oxidised red wine, thick-cut marmalade, marinated cherries, black tea and vanilla and wood tannins from the oak maturation.

Palate:  Medium-bodied but very characterful, with the aromas from the nose surprisingly intense and long-lasting on the palate.  The orange peel / marmalade, tea and oak flavours seem most prominent but with plenty of other fruit and herby spices behind.

Finish:  Long and persistent, slightly drying.  Marmalade and bitter orange liqueur.  Very moreish.

Comment: Easily the most interesting and complex red vermouth we've tried.  Unmistakably Italian, you can tell this is the real thing.

Tasting Notes by Simon Difford

Nose: An initial whiff of peat smoke, freshly cut tree bark, clove and honey is followed by berry fruit and vanilla.

Palate: The intense, sweet and sour palate is complex with fruity, red berry notes and bitter orange.

Finish: The finish is tangy and at the same time fresh and cleansing. The dying flavour is zesty orange and stewed dates.


Customer Reviews:(5 reviews)
I side with TheBarFly on this one - yes its good but sometimes there's too much going on in it and Dolin and Mancino are better suited for some cocktails including Negronis
- anonymous, 10th May
Yep, I love this red vermouth and I'm on my second bottle of it. I find Tim's and Difford's tasting notes to be accurate, particularly when combined. My bar will never be without this. My favorite way to drink it is in small amounts on the rocks, with a healthy splash of decent gin, doesn't have to be really good gin because the vermouth will overpower it.
- JDG, 15th Nov '11
yes it is fantastic. but the truth is Dolin is even better. My advice : stock both in your bar and you'll be happy.
- TheBarFly, 10th Jun '10
Love this vermouth. My Negroni's have changed forever!
- anonymous, 24th Jul '09
the best there is, the best there was and the best there will be...
- brilliant.cocktails, 27th Jun '08
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