Old Grand-Dad

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Old Grand-Dad
75cl / 43%
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
A cult bourbon with a very high rye content in the mash, which provides a spicy kick on the palate. A very traditional old-style bourbon, not for the faint-hearted.
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Customer Reviews:(17 reviews)
I've been drinking this Old Grand Dad faithfully for thirty years or more, several times I split a bottle with Top Jimmy, it was his brand as well. I guess now us old-timers will switch to the bottled-in-bond.
- hoboroadie, 17th March
Having recently discovered quality bourbons, I've hand my eye on this for a while. My lovely wife bought me a bottle for Christmas and I'm enjoying it as I write this. An anonymous review below pretty much sums it up and I would only add that I find myself tasting a citrus-ey tang as well, a bit like orange. As well that dry, peppery finish, I get a teensy bit of oak too. Really a very good spirit.
- FM, 29th Dec '13
I used to drink this in my local pub in Newbury UK years ago and have never seen it since in any pub in England! Love it with lots of ice and a splash of coke..get in
- Silkyruss, 5th Nov '13
Certainly has a kick to the palate, but to me its exactly the same as 101 proof Wild Turkey but that's NOT a bad thing. Should be served real cold & gently supped through a thin straw, that will make your eyes water :)
- Nick H, 29th Dec '12
Disregard the name - fools will dismiss it as being uncool because of it. One of the greatest bourbons out there. Strong, rich and smokey. I keep coming back to this again and again.
- Lucas, 14th Nov '12
A particularly flavoursome bourbon, dead smooth too. Delightful to sit at a bar sucking down bottles of Dixie beer with Old Grandad chasers. Happy days.
- Dr Jim, 1st Aug '12
This is the ONLY Bourbon worth drinking, almost as good as the finest Scotch. The best thing to have come out of the US since Lease Lend. Unfortunately, both have a pay back! lol
- R.T.Fishall, 18th Feb '12
Drank this a lot in Pennsylvania and Louisiana. Its great for sipping, or as a shot. Smooth and tasteful. One of the best bourbons out there for mass sale!
- Saul, 6th Jun '11
can i marinara a beef basket with this whisky.
- jean, 12th Oct '10
To be matched against the finest single malt Scotch whiskey
- D Bunn, UK, 29th Jun '10
Pappy is my bourbon of choice. My friends all bitch and moan about how rank it is but they are a bunch of ****** anyway. As a salty boozer I reccommend this exceptional libation to anyone who has graduated from the kiddy bourbons (i.e. beam)
- JumpingJack, 1st May '10
Puts hairs on your chest!
- anonymous, 16th Jan '10
Sounds Dangerous!
- Infinitas, 29th Jul '09
Excellent old-fashioned bourbon. Slightly sweet with dryish, peppery finish. Storng Virginia tobacco and maple flavors with good cedar and oak wood flavor. Best to air for 20 minutes in the glass before taking without water. Good with ice but NO water. A lot of character. Nice, no pretense American spirit.
- anonymous, 10th Mar '09
Does anybody under the age of 70 drink this stuff?
- Quake 'n' Shake, 12th Dec '08
A fabulous bourbon at an unbelievable price! Being from Pennsylvania, and being Pennsylvania Dutch, I can tell you that we take our beer
- Homicide MD, 21st Sep '08
Jim Beam and Jack Daneil's are weak compared to this stuff. I highly recomend this to those of you who thnk they've tried the strongest whiskeys. Believe me, you'll try nothing like this!!
- Ed, 28th Aug '08
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