Ardmore Traditional Cask

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Ardmore Traditional Cask
70cl / 46%
Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A young peated Speysider from the excellent Ardmore distillery, Ardmore traditional Cask has been finished in quarter casks to speed up maturation. Gold Medal in its category at the World Whisky Awards 2010.

World Whiskies Awards
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Customer rating (47 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(47 reviews)
On the rocks this is a top whisky, it does not feel 46% but it sneaks up on you quite gently, it is a good whisky for the price.
- Pat 10/09/2014, 9 days ago
Wonderfully balanced highland malt that ticks all the right boxes.
- anonymous, 8th January
Hands down the best value Speyside Single Malt Scotch.
- Scotch fan , 2nd Sep '13
Really Good value. I think it punches well above it's weight, pricewise. A few drops of water, and make sure you let it settle in your glass for a few minutes.... Bliss.
- Juzzlepuff, 16th Aug '13
The peated Highland/Speyside, may I just add the BenRiach 21 y.o., "Authenticus"? I know folk mention the 10 y.o. "Curiositas" and a 21 y.o. is not cheap, but the B.Riach 21 y.o. is definitely worth sampling! Slainte!
- Penny Traition, 10th Aug '13
This Speysider has such a lot going for it for the price. A great combination of peat and malt and smooth and oily texture. It'd just right for me and I will be re-ordering this one in bulk. A perfect marriage between Speyside and Highland malts.
- Jonty B, 11th May '13
Interesting. I always like to try new whiskies and didn't have a peated Speyside/Highland malt in my collection. It's not got the coastal character you often find with peated whiskies and it's certainly not as intense as the Southern Islay malts. It's very pleasant but didn't blow me away. Good value if you want to try something different and I respect their decision to bottle it non chill-filtered at 46%.
- The Colonel, 6th May '13
Bought this on a whim after reading the bottle, 1st dram straight.Wow so full of flavour rich peat palate with smooth creaminess.I normally drink laphroaig but im smitten,ill definitely be returning to this.
- mr A, 14th Apr '13
Just a drop of water is right but do try neat for the first dram. It has that hint of Islay nose moreso than palate. William Teacher and Sons own the Ardmore distillery and you can appreciate this wondrous malt with an almost state of worship knowing its a large part of the great Highland Cream. They also own Glendronach which I'm yet to try, thats one to look forward to.
- Ivor Windybottom, 5th Oct '12
@Bluesman: the different answers are because the boundaries aren't fixed. We go with Michael Jackson's classifications, so call it a Speyside.
- TWE Admin, 16th Apr '12
A great dram!!! I don't understand why it's compered with Islay whisky, that's something quite different. One more thing, is it a "Highland" or a "Speyside"??? Different awnwers, depending where you read.
- Bluesman, 13th Apr '12
I bought a bottle of this today and I was quite surprised! I tried it room temperature, no ice. Immediately, I picked up on the peat and vanilla. The peat is not overwhelming. Next came the spice, then floral notes at the end. The oily texture is great, especially for a whisky younger than 10 years! Highly recommended to those who love texture, enjoy sweet & fruity floral notes, and love that distinctive light peaty smoke. And the color is like liquid gold. Beautiful!
- Nate, 13th Jan '12
A few ideas - Benriach Curiositas, Ballechin (Edradour's peated spirit), Benromach Peat Smoke + Organic Special Edition, and, for something a bit different, Balvenie Peated Cask (finished in casks that have held peaty whisky).
- TWE Admin, 26th Jul '11
Are there any other peated Highland/Speyside malts out there?
- Finn Flash, 26th Jul '11
Brought this on a whim, really glad I did. It has the richness of a classic highland whisky and the peatiness is pleasant rather than overpowering.
- MisterO, 18th Jul '11
Hmm, was expecting more of this.. Pleasant peaty nose but not that smooth on the palate in fact quite bitter and not really rescued by an admittedly long and smoky finish. It is good value tho and an ok into to the peaty's. If you like this you should so try a Caol Ila 12 or better still a Laphroaig 10 which I prefer to this one.
- James D., 7th Jul '11
why is it one cant seem to find the exact age of ardmore traditional anywhere?
- anonymous, 14th May '11
The divisions between the different whisky regions in Scotland are quire fuzzy and we go with what Michael Jackson (the writer) said - he reckoned that Ardmore was a Speyside.
- TWE Admin, 10th May '11
I got this and it is a highland malt ? Not speyside ?
- Kev, 28th Apr '11
I forgot to say... if you love this and want to treat yourself to a really fine bottle as a treat.... go for the Balvenie 17yr Peated cask. A similar idea to this, but older and smoother.
- anonymous, 18th Mar '11
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