Cynar Liqueur

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Cynar Liqueur
70cl / 16.5%
Cynar (pronounced chinar) is a much loved italian bitter liqueur, named for the artichokes (Cynara Scolymus) that are the main flavouring ingredients. Great over ice or in cocktails - try switching it in for Campari in a Negroni for an interesting take on a classic drink.
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Customer Reviews:(7 reviews)
I love this versatile bitter. Other than what was already mentioned, I like to mix it with a dry, but fruity red wine (try a Mentepulciano d'Abruzzo), about 1:5 proportion which will yield an off dry, slightly bitter strong wine, similar to the Romanian Pelin, which I grew up with :) Excellent to mix with hot milk on a cold day (it will taste like a chicory beverage with a whiff of alcohol). Really warming.
- Tudval, 14th Mar '13
Cynar is the best of the four Venice Spritzs the others Campari, aperol and Select. To make then 60% Pinot grigio 40% Cynar top with a dash of soda and add a fat green olive and a wedge of orange. Anyone needing to remember Venice this does the trick at home. enjoy x
- anonymous, 20th Aug '12
i'm half swiss and have grown up with a bottle of cynar in the house. we always drank it with orange juice as an aperitif. one year my swiss cousin was ill with immune system problems. she had seen many doctors and tried lots of different medication. the last doctor she saw recommended a spoonful of cynar every day and after a short while she had no more problems. not sure if it was the placebo effect but i like to think it does you good!
- victoria , 10th Jan '12
My dad has a huge taste for this drink, but Im unable to purchase any from a store, can only bring it back from italy or buy on line. Any one seen it on the shelf any where to buy?
- Lisa in Worcestershire, 21st Oct '10
Suitable whenever an artichoke flavor is called for. Very few alternatives on the market for this application.
- Charles Henry Gray, 3rd Jan '10
Personally, I don't find this so bitter - it's more a gentler and less alcoholic version of Averna (also found on this website).Cynar is widely ordered in Switzerland and Lichtenstein as well as Italy - it's more of a 'local's drink' than Campari or Aperol.Drink simply on the rocks, with an orange twist.
- Rick Harris, 24th Dec '08
A bitter drink, made from artichokes. Served cold with ice and lemon it certainly is different. I asked for absinthe in a Bavarian restaurant, which they did not have. This was recommended to me by the waitress, it was my drink all week with my meals. 8/10
- Alan Cooper, 19th Oct '08
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