Pinky Vodka

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Pinky Vodka
70cl / 40%
This relaunched version of Pinky vodka in a very snazzy bottle. Subtle summer fruit flavours for the stylish romantics out there.
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Customer Reviews:(13 reviews)
I was naturally drawn to this by its beautiful bottle, but tastes great with cherry aide!
- Sophia, 13th Aug '12
Powerful drink, if you like the really strong vodka's this one is for you.
- Nay, 11th Apr '12
Fandabidozy!!!! enough said, best Vodka i have had and iv'e had a lot! :-)
- Rose*, 19th Feb '12
Really lovely drink. I'm more of a gin fan than vodka but this one has swayed me.
- anonymous, 25th Aug '11
Would it be correct to say this is the vodka version of Hendricks? Tempted to try a bottle.
- Ross, 30th May '11
Sexy vodka
- Nikhil, 4th Feb '10
wonderful taste ,great on it's own chilled and even better with mixers..yummy !!!!!!!
- chris x, 9th Aug '09
trendy but super drink,very pricey and hard to track down to buy!
- davidee, 29th Dec '08
Bloody expensive but bloody nice!
- Sir Archibold French, 20th Oct '08
A wonderful taste for the summer sunshine. Great colour too.
- anonymous, 5th Jul '08
Great taste, and very trendy bottle!!.
- anonymous, 23rd May '08
taste of excellent! soft and smooth but in the end... happy as always! u wont regret it.. ^_^
- Co2, 17th Apr '08
Absolutely Wonderful - beautiful to look at and just as beautiful to drink.
- anonymous, 21st Feb '08
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