Edradour Cream Liqueur

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Edradour Cream Liqueur
70cl / 17%
A quality cream liqueur made using whisky from Edradour, Scotland's smallest distillery - and one of the most picturesque, located in the beautiful village of Pitlochry.
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Customer rating (11 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(11 reviews)
The best way to take this delicious beverage is with the vision of the delightful, smallest 'official' distillery in Scotland. I also found it by default on a Harley Davidson tour on the road from Bridge of Cally to Pitlochry, another delightful experience found by default but 'don't tell anyone else'!! My German friends were bowled over with the day and when I visit them it's always with a bottle of Cream Liquour. Enough said. Haste us back.
- Steve 'Ikey' Ikin Aug '14, 26th August
I have been buying this for YEARS as in my view it is the best cream whisky liqueur. All the family members love it, and expect a bottle for Christmas - nothing else will now do, as it ticks all the taste bud boxes! Creamy with a smooth aftertaste, no harsh afterbite like some. The only problem is that it disappears far too quickly.
- Anne Bartle, 21st Nov '13
Tried this while visiting Edradour. I loved it so much, I had to bring a bottle home. The taste far exceeds any other product I've tasted. Not too sweet, and the perfect combination of tastes. This IS the best cream liqueur on the market!
- Patti Hunter, 30th Sep '13
I'm addicted. Won't touch any other whiskey cream. It doesn't have to cover cheap whiskey with sugar, but has the perfect balance. I've tried Heather Cream (sickenly sweet), Bailey's (catered to the American taste bud - too sweet), Caroline's (a cheap knock off of Bailey's). Hands down, Edradour is the best I've found.
- Cindy S., Tampa, FL, 11th Jan '13
I was blown away. Baileys, St Brendens, and Caroline's don't even come close!
- D Shaw, NC USA, 27th Nov '12
As the reviewer above said beats Baieys a lovely smooth tasting liquer tried it on a recent visit to the distillery.
- anonymous, 15th Nov '12
This liqueur has been haunting me since Scotland (back in '07). It was hands down one of my favourite places to visit on the whiskey trail but this little gem has stuck with me. Worth it's weight in gold.
- anonymous, 19th Oct '12
Edradour cream has the wonderful quality of not being too sweet, for one. For the second, the whisky component is of high quality. The best cream liqueur I have tasted.
- J. U. , Espoo, Finland, 26th Aug '11
A beautiful drink that beats Baileys hands down!
- Ewan L, 23rd Apr '11
A delicious after meal drink
- Martin Roberts, 15th Nov '10
Delicious with coffees, ice cream or on its own. Has a hazelnut after taste. This taste better than any of the Irish cream liqueurs and you really need to try it. The distillery is just above Pitlochry in Perthshire I discovered it whilst on holiday well worth a visit.
- Chris louis, 29th Feb '08
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