Picon Biere Liqueur Bitters

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Picon Biere Liqueur Bitters
100cl / 18%
This famous French orange bitter liqueur is a staple in its home country, where it is mixed with pilsner or wheat beer to create a potent brew known simply as Picon Biere. Created in 1830, Picon also contains essences of gentian and quinine. It is particularly delicious (and dangerous) with Hoegaarden.
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Customer rating (27 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(27 reviews)
I used it to make a Brooklyn cocktail for my wife. It is a variant of a Manhattan. She liked it and want me to occasionally make another.
- Emmet Thornton, 24th June
Super Stuff. first tried this in France on the recommendation of a waiter. Always have it over there now. being able to buy it in the UK is a pleasure that brings back holiday memories :-)
- anonymous, 24th June
Picon bier in France makes all bier better except Belgium bier, it holds excellence alone.
- anonymous, 24th May
Absolutely love it mixed with a nicely chilled beer. Going back to France in January so will be stocking up
- Steve, 14th Dec '12
I tried for the first time in a Chamonix restaurant! and I couldn't believed myself, so rich and nice for the palate! I wished I could find it in Miami!
- Guido, 2nd Mar '12
just tried this for the 1st time, very nice with lager, will try it with the other suggestions over time
- chris. gosport, Sept 2011, 5th Sep '11
My favourite cafe (the Cafe Brancardieres in Lourdes) makes a cocktail called a Cesar. It is Picon Amer, white wine and a number of other "secret" ingredients which no amount of wheedling or bribery will coax from them. Quite outstanding as an aperatif.
- anonymous, 2nd Aug '11
picon vin blanc - to die for
- anonymous, 10th Jul '11
- TT TOM, 28th Jan '11
I was drinking Picon Biere off the menu just recently on holiday in the South of France, I then spent hours looking for it in the supermarkets there but couldn't find it, I never realised it was a liquer and beer mix, clearly was looking in the wrong isle. This stuff is lovely!
- Ross (Swindon), 15th Nov '10
I used to drink Picon Biere when I worked in Strasbourg - it makes even French beer palatable.
- anonymous, 27th Oct '10
So, so good. Picon 'Biere' with a lager or Picon 'Club' with white wine.
- anonymous, 24th Oct '10
you are not suppose to mix this with beer, but with dry white wine and grenadine, that's how we drink it in Belgium
- Caroline Bekaert, 10th Oct '10
i like the product
- arlindo centeio, 22nd Aug '10
Just lovely. Had this in Beziers last weekend, brought a bottle back - such a hit with everyone that we are trying to get some brought back from Northern Spain THIS weekend!
- FoodyFlourFairy, 6th Aug '10
You cannot make Picon Punch with this stuff because that drink requires the 78 proof formulation.
- anonymous, 21st Jul '10
Excellent stuff. Gives cheap lager a depth of flavours more reminiscent of a good dark Belgian, very refreshing too.
- Ste Passant, 3rd May '10
It is excellent and is difficult to find in the state
- anonymous, 21st Mar '10
Picon Punch is AMAZING!
- Gordon C. Morrice, 11th Mar '10
I tried it I in Paris Summer 2008, went back Dec. 2009 and ended up buying three bottles, best beer mix I ever drank, and I agree 1:8 is a better ratio than 1:4 ratio.
- Edgar Herrera, 2nd Jan '10
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