100 Pipers

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100 Pipers
100cl / 40%
An old Seagram's blend which later became 'Black Watch'.
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Customer rating (23 reviews)
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CountryScotlandBottling StatusDiscontinued
Customer Reviews:(23 reviews)
I have consumed most of the brands that are availabe in the market ( cheap to the most expensive ones). This drink is worth every penny and less expensive on your pocket. I really enjoy drinking 100 pipers. Cheers:-)
- Guru, 29th August
Always did like this whiskey when I lived in Scotland
- Alan, 28th March
I like it, it's smooth n cool
- anonymous, 27th Dec '13
Been drinking this for three or four years and absolutely enjoy it. Made by the makers of Chivas...need I say more ?
- anonymous, 29th Jun '13
Actually I have to compliment all of the distillers that copy this brand. I began living in Thailand 4 years ago and couldn't afford any whiskey here as it is very expensive so 100 Pipers,being the cheapest I was forced to get used to it and now I can afford to buy the best but choose to stick with this. It's unique for sure but requires some time, as does almost any good expensive drink, to develop a tst for it.
- Adrian, 28th Nov '12
I am 64 yrs of age This Sept. 2nd 2012. I have drank scotch whiskey as my preferred drink for 40+ yrs. It is not a "single malt scotch"! However for a relatively inexpensive "blend" it is very good. I drank it exclusively in the late 60's/early 70's, when I was young & broke. Now that I am old & broke it has came back to me! I like my scotch neat with a cold water back.
- anonymous, 30th Jul '12
Smooth and great taste at a lesser price compared to its competitors.
- Balaji (Chennai), 27th Feb '11
Drank for the 5th year running on an all inclusive holiday in Lanzarote, this was classed as one of their local brands! - Magic, bought a few home, I love it!!
- Rob, 23rd Jan '11
its good taste and no harshness while drinking smooth
- srinivas from bangalore city(india), 28th Dec '10
Good. A strong, balanced taste (a little less strong than Teachers). Maybe lacking in complexity but certainly no pronounced 'off' notes. A good kick with no harshness or burning.
- anonymous, 14th Oct '10
I would say this whisky is one of the best on the market, very smooth and refreshing. Jay G as stated on his review had the best night of his life after drinking this whisky, need i say more.
- Amar, 23rd Nov '09
This is a dangerous drink! One night in Bangkok with a bottle of this and I was carried home! Best night of my life!
- Jay G, 22nd Nov '09
- anonymous, 7th Nov '09
Remarkable, awesome, Smooooth, One of the finest moments.
- anonymous, 15th Oct '09
Stay away from 100 pipers, no taste nor depth whatsoever, awful hangover and it dind't even make me happier. Worst scotch ever made.
- anonymous, 11th Jul '09
Tried this in thailand, its ok to drink.Michael get a life
- b, 26th Jun '09
piper down!
- big Dave the piper, 25th Jun '09
Truly dreadful, possibly useful as an industrial degreaser but untested. Sharp harsh flavour, no depth or subtly. Tastes like it is mostly cheap grain with a dash of malt no other blender would buy. There are many great products on this site, save yourself - buy one of them!
- Michael, 27th Apr '09
Great whisky !
- anonymous, 12th Apr '09
I tried this whiskey and i was not disappointed. Excellent quality.
- Robert, 1st Mar '09
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