Remy Martin Centaure Cognac / Baccarat Crystal Decanter

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Remy Martin Centaure Cognac / Baccarat Crystal Decanter
70cl / 40%
A special edition from Rémy Martin, with a baccarat crystal decanter similar in shape to the famed Louis XIII style and named for their distinctive logo - Le Centaure.
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Customer Reviews:(4 reviews)
this decanter design by baccarat was made and sold to Remy Martin to use as their mass produced glass bottle that now holds Remy XO, their mass produced but brilliantly tasting "pillow-held cognac."-Cognac Connoisseur, 7th April 2011
- anonymous, 7th Apr '11
I to have this bottle in my collection. will not for the love of money.
- Mark Bishop, 8th Dec '08
I too have this bottle and it is quite exquisite for baccarat also thier medalion Louis etc very rare design do not hesitate to buy any of the baccarat craystal containers of the remy martin. they are highly collectable and only increase with age.
- ELIZABETH HESS, 23rd Oct '08
Beautiful bottle and very nice content.
- anonymous, 6th Sep '08
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