Bowmore 15 Year Old / Mariner

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Bowmore 15 Year Old / Mariner
100cl / 43%
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A litre of bottle of 15 year old Bowmore. Released for the travel retail market, this is a mix of North American bourbon and Oloroso sherry aged whiskies, leading to a complex flavour profile.
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Tasting Notes:
Producer's Note

On the eye deep copper.

Breathe in peat smoke complemented with toffee and fresh green apples.

Sip creamy oak smokiness with sweet stewed fruits and just a hint of sea salt.

Savour the long, complex, beautifully subtle finish.

Customer Reviews:(9 reviews)
Like this very much. A regular whisky drinker
- LL, 3rd Jul '12
I just opned this one, and man it was a big big dissapointment. The taste of my bottle if full of perfumed soap. I have the same taste with my 12yo Enigma. I almost threw the bottle out after taking one dram out of it. Horrible! Did a google search and i was not the only one that have tasted the perfume. Im never buing Bowmore again.
- Jakob Svitzer, 24th Jun '12
I snagged a left-overs of this from my late granddad's cellar after his funeral (this sounds bad doesn't it), but I drank it heartily, in his memory (even though he did not drink the stuff himself), and I loved it. It is my new favourite, all the more so because of the fact that it essentially does not exist anymore (especially in the US). I am a peat head pretty much, so naturally it started out favourably for me, but I like the delicacy of this scotch emmensely.
- anonymous, 19th Jun '12
This is the first bottle of single malt whisky I ever purchased (had been mooching off my friends until then) and I have never had a better whisky since then. Have tried various other Bowmores, but the Mariner is the best! Smokey, peaty, yet softer than the younger ones. An incredible whisky.
- Danny, 25th Jun '11
wow, just bought this on the airport. this whisky is absolutely fabulous. smokey but not too much. peat and toffee. very round and mellow.
- Ray, 28th Jan '11
Open the bottle and let it breathe a moment. The nose gives indications of smoke, peat, sweet apples and toffee and you believe you are in for a treat. Then you taste the copper gold liquid and you come crashing down to earth, a very good scotch but not an exceptional one.
- Richard of Chamberlain, 4th Dec '09
Having tried various malts this is my number one choice, smooth, complex, peaty (but not overly so) and so right with a dash of water. A good excuse to buy duty free at the aiport!
- Sheldon, 20th Nov '09
My epiphany Scotch. Like a walk on the beach, with salt ,seaweed, and tons of peat. Little to none of that "Malty sweetness". I can't believe this Scotch is no longer available in 5ths. Highly recommend the liter bottling to those who enjoy Islay.
- Russ, 8th Oct '08
Very Smokey and peaty only for people who like those flavous as it is very strong, not for the begginer.
- David, 1st Jun '08
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