Jefferson's Bourbon

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Jefferson's Bourbon
75cl / 41.15%
Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
This 'Very Small Batch' bourbon has been aged in barrels with a very light char, allowing a myriad of secondary flavours to express themselves that would otherwise be masked by a heavier char. The result is a very approachable, easy-drinking bourbon of the highest quality.
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Customer rating (4 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(4 reviews)
saw this bottle all on its own in local aldi store UK,and just had to have it, no regrets a very nice.Easy on the first Bourbon drinker,second glass and now what a light char means,i shall look out for another Bottle. (very small batch)
- tony wyatt, 20th July
just putting my first glass of this down. pouring another! couldnt say anything about hints of vanilla etc. but dang!! its a good drop.
- bishop, 28th January
This is the best whiskey i've ever tasted. My previous favourite was Makers Mark, but this even beats that!
- marcusopp, 31st Dec '13
I've always been a JD and coke or Beam and coke man but this Christmas, after getting my mouth around some quality Irish Whisky's during the year, I asked my Texas based parents to send me a nice bottle of Bourbon I can drink neat. This is what they sent. It is absolutely stupendous with a rich and sweet nose of vanilla and caramel. The taste is warm and indulgent and it leaves you with a smile on your face. If God is from the Deep South, this is what he'd drink.
- Lewis King, 6th Jan '09
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