House of Lords 12 Year Old

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House of Lords 12 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
A blend produced for the eponymous hangout of the bigwigs, House of Lords is a suitably rich and weighty affair, with the gravitas one would expect.
Not Available This product is currently out of stock. when this product is available.
More Details:
CountryScotlandBottling StatusDiscontinued
Customer Reviews:(13 reviews)
Really special whisky please please get some in stock soon .
- House, 16th Nov '11
this whisky is not on sale to the public as far as i am aware it is only for members of the house of lords
- evelyn russell, 10th Aug '11
Where did all of you buy this whiskey??!?!?!?!
- Mr Man, 4th Jun '11
Looks as if there exist serious shortages?! Put it in the shelves!!!!It's my favourite brand after hours! I visited the smallest destillery some time ago and I'm convinced. I'll be back to order next weeks!
- Mario, Germany, 29th Apr '11
I am building a database of whisky, and I appreciate that these dormant pages still exist.So thank you TWE!
- PAWS, 10th Feb '11
It is inactivated and taken off the website - if you search for it on the TWE site it won't come up. This is a dormant page that only shows up on google searches.
- TWE Admin, 19th Dec '10
if you do not stock the house lords whiskywhy dont you take it off your web site?3 months ago you told me you had sold out,did you ever had this brand ?
- anonymous, 17th Dec '10
I have been waiting for half a year now please I am begging you to get some of this whiskey in stock!!!
- Mr Man, 18th Jul '10
For Pete's sake get some of this whiskey in stock MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Mr Man, 26th Mar '10
when are you getting the whiskey back in stock i would like to buy some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Mr Man, 7th Nov '09
This is my absolute favourite blended Whisky. I bought it for the novelty value of the bottle, but once I tasted it I was truly amazed. If you're not sure which blended version to buy, you can't go far wrong with this one.
- Duncan, West Sussex, 25th Jan '09
a great whisky
- Jose Salazar, 11th Sep '08
nice and smooth with good colour hard to come by in devon never seen
- mihael oxenham, 20th Aug '08
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