Jack Daniel's 1954 Gold Medal

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Jack Daniel's 1954 Gold Medal
75cl / 45%
Tennessee Whiskey
This special bottle is the sixth in the Jack Daniels Gold Medal Series and honours the 1954 Brussels Belgium Star of Excellence. As usual, there is a heart-warming story of simple country folk associated with this bottling:
"The story goes that Reagor Motlow, one of Lem’s sons, received a letter about a whisky judging contest in Brussels, Belgium. He handed the letter to Herb Fanning, his right hand man and told him to take care of it. And indeed Mr. Herb did! He walked right out of the production line and pulled off the first three bottles and sent them on their way. According to Mr. Herb, when the folks from the advertising department found he had pulled whisky for the competition from the bottling line, they were a bit upset and asked him why he hadn’t looked for some special whisky for the judging. To this Mr.Herb exclaimed, “Why all Jack Daniels is special!”
Later Mr. Herb, in recalling the story said he figured he might get fired over that, but about that time letter came announcing that Jack Daniels had won the star of Excellence!
The second letter seemed to set things right between Mr.Herb and the advertising team, because not only did Mr.Herb keep his job for many years before retiring, but he also appeared in quite a few Jack Daniels ads. Herb became one of Lynchburg’s best known and much loved citizens, and was a fixture on the Square until he passed away in 1997 at the ripe old age of 93. Mr.Herb’s lifelong love of and faith in Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey epitimozes the character of the people behind the Jack Daniel Brand."
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Customer Reviews:(20 reviews)
Hi Brett, we are doing our best to find the Frank Sinatra & white rye. Hopefully we'll have them in the future, but nothing to report at present, we're afraid.
- TWE Admin, 15th Jan '13
Have bought holiday select, 160th birthday bottle and 1907 australian bottle in last few weeks. Still need a few more and today won on ebay a riverboat captain bottle one of hardest to find also want to know are you getting white rye when it comes out and frank sinatra bottle
- Brett Broadway (jack daniels collector), 14th Jan '13
Mark: the Gold Medal bottlings are relatively hard to find and the 75cl is rarer than the 100cl, hence the 75cl being more expensive.
- TWE Admin, 24th Jan '12
If the Whisky is the same in the 75cl and 1 litre, why is the 75cl £89.95 vs £54.95 for the 1 litre? Just curious as I'm wanting to make a purchase
- Mark, 23rd Jan '12
normally i drink n7, just got me a bottle of GM 1954... Dammed nice, very good choice for the holidays (lucky me for the job in venice).So old year in venice with Mr Daniels... my favorite friend.
- J. 1972, 29th Dec '11
Anonymous: It should be the same recipe as regular No.7 but it's bottled at a higher ABV.
- TWE Admin, 10th Dec '11
Is this whiskey the same as the No7 but just in a different bottle or is it actually different whiskey?!
- anonymous, 10th Dec '11
Kev: The whisky should be the same in both bottles.
- TWE Admin, 16th Nov '11
Is there a difference in the Whiskey between the 75cl and the 1 litre bottle?
- Kev, 14th Nov '11
ptbd: We certainly do
- TWE Admin, 28th Sep '11
Do they also send the bottles to holland ?
- ptbd, 26th Sep '11
I have one of these and it's signed by Jimmy Bedford who died last year. I want to open it in the worst way...
- Chadco75, 12th Nov '10
I'v got this for my boyfriend's birthday, hope he likes it :)
- NATALIE, 10th Nov '10
looks good
- brian boyle, 24th Sep '10
this is a lovly dram i avoided buying this as i normaly hate american whisky was loving this though recomended
- the single malt man, 7th Jun '10
TWE Admin would like to point out that, contrary to the above statement, drinking JD (or any other whiskey) does not, in fact, 'raise your lady-catching ability'. However, it may have an effect on the minimum standard of lady you might be prepared to catch.
- TWE Admin, 11th May '10
This is the best whiskey a man can buy, just partaking of it's awesomeness raises your a lady catching ability by at least 6 points. I would recommend this quality beverage to anyone 9 to 99!
- anonymous, 10th May '10
i just ordered mine cant wait .i hade one but it broke and these bottles are so scarce
- dion, 3rd May '10
Just had mine delivered today. Good times... but never to be drank.
- Matt Blick, 28th Jan '10
- NIKOS, 11th Jul '08
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